William Beachum continues to interview Char Rosenbaum about her life and living through events like world war 2

In part 2 of this interview, we talk about how pets have impacted my grandmothers life. We also talk about what she feels is the greatest invention of our times. We also talk about how increased communication has changed the...

How communication evolved over my lifetime – a MASC 101 project

Professor Rader describes her relationship with forms of communication and media over the years.

Growing Up in a Blended Family with Interviewee Ashley Bolton and Interviewer Lenae Brown
September 12, 2019 App Interview

On September 12, 2019 in Chicago, IL, Ashley Bolton sat down with Lenae Brown and discussed her experience with growing up in a blended family. The 24 year old female spoke about the challenges of having step and half siblings,...

Communication then and Now

This was a interview with my Grandmother comparing commutations from the 50s onto present day.

The Importance of Family

Listen to my father share his meaning of family. He explains his childhood and the lessons his parents taught him to shape him into the person he is today.

"Glaciers are the interface between land, atmosphere, and ocean.” an interview with Christopher Shuman

Christopher Shuman is on faculty at University of Maryland Baltimore County and a research scientist in the Cryospheric Sciences Lab at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Christopher has extensive work history in Greenland and in Antarctica, analyzing layers in...


A conversation with the love of my life.

Last minute assignment

Assignment that I made my boyfriend do with me

Comm 245 Interview

This was an interview I conducted with my mom originally, because it was an assignment, but coming out of it I can say this is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with her.

Parents media interview

I interviewed my parents (born in 54 & 62) on how media has changed as they were growing up. They believe that communication was the main thing that has changed.

How Commnication Has Changed

This was an interview with my father about how communication has changed throughout the years.


I discussed past events with my uncle in order to see how him reminiscing makes him want to keep going today. From this interview, I’ve seen my uncle’s growth throughout his life in general so I just wanted to see...

Effect of Technological Advancements and Social Media on Modern Society

Discussing the effects of social media and how information technology has evolved over the years pertaining to how we learn and communicate as a society. Discussing possible solutions and things to keep in mind while living in such impersonal/anonymous times...

Grandfather to grandaughter

the most important things in life aren’t what you think.

The Most Meaningful Moments

I quiz my girlfriend on the most meaningful moments our relationship has had to offer. How these moments have had implications in Destinee’s life. Toward the end comes a short reflection on the meaning of family.

Changes in Communication
December 1, 2019 App Interview

What’s discussed about is the evolution of communication and technology

Post thanksgiving interview with my Mom

I sat down with my mother and interviewed her about how life is going.

Joshua Gordon StoryCorps Interview

My roommate Matthew and I discuss communication and culture in his life