Katelyn Case and Susan Atherton

Katelyn Case: 2022-09-24 - Interviewing my grandma about the changes in communication in her lifetime.

Judy Cavazos and Kc Stokes

One Small Step partners Judy Cavazos (57) and Kc Stokes (47) reflect on the importance of family, and remember the lessons they learned from their grandmothers.

Thoughts on social media development

During this interview we discussed how social media has effected Trent personally throughout his life.

"Sharp Observations from a Keen Observer." an interview with Susan Loizer

We won’t say how long Susan Lozier has been shaping young minds at Duke University (she may let it slip), but she talks about amazing changes that have happened during her tenure. She grew up wondering how rivers get polluted,...

Relationship and love #NORTHSIDECHIRICO

What was talked about was the love my mother has for my father. How she continues to keep the relationship strong. The lessons she’s learned throughout her time being with my dad. And her experiences growing about dealing with love.

"It’s Always Sunny in Climate Science." an interview with Phil Mote

Is it a good time to be a climate scientist? Yes, says Phil Mote, Director Oregon Climate Change Research Institute at Oregon State University. Predictions over the past 40 years are coming true and while some look at that with...

Communication Devices

I am Tyler Rushing and I was the one interviewing for Carol Rushing which is my grandma. We discussed Communication Devices back in the day and how they changed then and how we use them now.

Deanna Beyer and Carlie Arbaugh

Carlie Arbaugh (32) talks with her conversation partner Deanna Beyer (37) about her experience as a general surgery resident living with a rare diagnosis that has caused hearing impairment. Carlie shares how her personal experience undergoing has influenced the way...

gender communication

this interview is a interview about communication between male and female coming from a perspective of a young adult.

Media & Communications CHP1 interview with Edwina

I interviewed Edwina Gonleh, my mother. She explained her take on media an communications. Also explained how media and communication has changed over time.

Interview with grandma Terry

Talking about growing up too fast and being able to communicate and grow.

StoryCorps Interview With Tangela Williams. by Jakobe Scott

After the interview I feel like I came away with a lot of knowledge about the evolution of communication and technology. The way my mother described they way in which communication has evolved was similar to what we talked about...


We discussed our differences on whether we are pro-choice or pro-life. Upon discussing, we found a common ground and realized that life isn’t just black and white and it’s also a lesson.

How IPC has changed over time

Jenny talked about her personal experience of how IPC has changed over her 50 years in life.

How Communication Has Changed.

I interviewed my boyfriend's mom! Marci Newlin, is a very sweet woman and so much fun to have a conversation with!

Is technology damaging the way we communicate?

Parker Ballard: 2022-10-16 00:38:32. During this interview I asked Beth Ballard, a school nurse from my hometown, the differences she noticed in how we communicate today verses how we communicated before the age of smartphones. We briefly talked about how...

Growing Up in a Blended Family with Interviewee Ashley Bolton and Interviewer Lenae Brown
September 12, 2019 App Interview

On September 12, 2019 in Chicago, IL, Ashley Bolton sat down with Lenae Brown and discussed her experience with growing up in a blended family. The 24 year old female spoke about the challenges of having step and half siblings,...