Nausheen Rajan and Andrew McDonald

Nausheen Najan (27) is interviewed by her colleague and friend Andrew McDonald (25) about growing up in Florida, her parents' migration journey, being a graduate student at Princeton, the impostor syndrome, and her work as cofounder of Ismailis Rise Up.

Frenda Rodgers, Mercedes Pickett, and Charles Pickett

Siblings Mercedes Pickett (29) and Charles Pickett (25) interview their mentor and colleague Frenda Rodgers (42) about her journey as a community educator and mentor for Chicago's youth. Frenda also shares her experience at Chicago Public Schools, and her inspirations...

Adriana Abizadeh and Jasmin Velez

Friends and coworkers Adriana Abizadeh (33) and Jasmin Velez (29) talk about working together at Kensington Corridor Trust, an organization that builds community based property ownership in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensinton. They discuss the importance of having resident voices...

Carl Wright and Margaret Wright

Husband and wife Dr. Carl Wright (73) and Dr. Margaret Wright (69) talk about growing up in the 1960s and their experiences with desegregation.

Delaitre Jordan Hollinger and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins

Friends, colleagues, and partners in "good trouble," Delaitre Jordan Hollinger [no age given] and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins (64), sit down for a conversation about their family history, their current projects, and the importance of preserving African American history.

Michelle Hayes and Barbara Hayes

Michelle Hayes (46) talks to her mother Barbara Hayes (73) about her life as a mother, wife, activist, educator and living through the pandemic in 2020.

Ivonne Diaz and Sofía Avant-Mier

Colleagues Ivonne Diaz (35) and Sofía Aviant-Mier (22) discuss their experiences as Mexican-Americans in the United States, the political advocacy work they do with the nonprofit Texas Rising, and how they attempt to create work-life boundaries and advocate for themselves.

Kimberly Bernard and Darwensi Clark

Darwensi Clark (42) speaks to writer, organizer, activist, and mother Kimberly Bernard (31) on her involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jeroline Jackson and Sinta Storms

Friends and co-activists Jeroline Jackson (30) and Sinta Storms (46) talk about the importance of Black and Asian community collaboration and how their respective identities have shaped their experiences in Philadelphia.

Jose Carrillo-Castro and Audrey Faunce

Jose Carrio-Castro (26) is interviewed by his wife Audrey Faunce (26). They speak about Jose, who is currently in med school, and his journey as an undocumented immigrant from Peru, to becoming a doctor, and the barriers that he has...


All his life, he has been front and center in this community. After 16 years in office as Town Supervisor, Greg Helsmoortel has decided to slow down and retire. As a community-oriented leader, his goal has always been to push...

Darius Prather and Leah Prather

Spouses, Darius Prather (35) and Leah Prather (27), discuss the work they do as community activists in their home city, Columbus, GA, the changes Columbus is undergoing, and the better future that they hope to help create for their four...

Constance Dyson and Andre Johnson

Rev. Dr. Andre E. Johnson (54) interviewed by National Civil Rights Museum employee Constance Dyson (54) about growing up in North Memphis, participating in the Boy's Club as a kid, his social justice work in the Memphis community, his call...

Deborah Nankivell and Michael Ballin

One Small Step conversation partners Deborah Nankivell (70) and Michael Ballin (30) talk about their commitment to community, the people who have influenced them, the role of trauma, and civic engagement.

Richard Burns and Bill Goldstein

Bill Goldstein (61) interviews his friend Richard Burns (66) on his experiences during the AIDS epidemic having been apart of several advocacy, legal, and political groups providing protections to the queer community.

Marine Kapanadze and Jelena Hrnjak

Colleagues Marine Kapanadze (29) and Jelena Hrnjak (41) discuss their involvement in Columbia University's Human Rights Advocacy Program, the type of activism they engage in, and eastern European politics.

Lisa Woolfork and Kendall King

[Recorded: Thursday, July 21, 2022] Lisa Woolfork (52) and Kendall King (25) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Both Lisa and Kendall have been active in the fight for racial justice in Charlottesville, and in this conversation,...


“It’s my nature to be involved. I’m always up for a good challenge.” If there is a worthwhile cause in the town of Saugerties, Lanny Walter will get involved. Emerging from an activist family, it was a natural move for...