Regina Cooper and Katie Towns

Colleagues Regina Cooper (68) and Katie Towns (43) discuss their pandemic experiences and shared appreciation for the partnership between The Library Center and the Health Department during COVID.

Lynisha Senegal and Bernardine Tuisavalalo Tavita

One Small Step conversation partners Lynisha Senegal (45) and Bernadine Tuisavalalo Tavita (28) talk about their experiences as women of color - growing up poor, engaging with their communities, and taking on the mantle of leadership.

Audrey Smith and Annie Zannetti

One Small Step conversation partners Audrey Smith (65) and Annie Zannetti (56) talk about how their views are received in their respective communities, and how to confront people who express hurtful views. Audrey discusses her work advocating for POC and...

Christina Vela and Breanna Mena

Christina Vela (48) is interviewed by her daughter Breanna Mena (29) about her journey from teenage mom to CEO of a child protective services organization and well known community leader.

Allison Tant and Courtney Atkins

Longtime friends Allison Tant [no age given] and Courtney Atkins [no age given] sit down for a conversation about their advocacy work, their parents, their children, and the strong women who inspired them to become the community leaders they are...

Frederich Johnson II and Clyde Neville III

Friends Frederich Johnson II (57) and Clyde Neville III (49) share a conversation about their involvement in the Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development and the amount of care and passion that goes into the community work being done through...

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb and Egeria Bennett

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb (73) sits down with friend and colleague Egeria Bennett (72) to speak about the early days of Mind-Builders -- a non-profit arts education center located in Bronx. They reflect on the obstacles they faced, how they chose teachers...