Lidia Kyrychenko Drake and Katrina Zens

Lidia Kyrychenko Drake (84) shares a conversation with her granddaughter, Katrina Zens (30), about her experiences and memories in wartime and concentration camps during World War II. They also talk about Ukrainian people, Ukrainian traditions, and the effects of war.

Interview with JyJow Doong on 12/3/2023

I spoke with my Gradnmother who is 78 years old and we talked about what spending time in the concentration camps during World War 2 was like. We also discussed how life was after this event as well.

Cornelius Vink, Catharina Vink, and Amanda Testa

Cornelius Vink (86) and his wife Catharine Vink (86) talk about their childhoods, first meeting and raising a family together. They also discuss their separate experiences during World War II. Catharina shares memories of growing up during the Japanese occupation...

Aidan George and Kathryn George

Kathryn George (54) and her son, Aidan George (14), talk about KG's difficult childhood, the lessons she learned from it, and how those lessons are being passed down to AG.

Miriam "Merry" Bauch & Katy Abelson

When the war broke out, Merry's father and brother were sent to concentrations camps where they were killed. She was sent to a separate camp from her mother, but managed to find one another later in Zakopane, Poland after the...

Oral history with Margot Clark-Junkins

Grandfathers experience while being a reporter during WW2. Witnessed the horrors of the extermination camp;Dachau.

John Trudelle and Jo Ann Goldberg

Jo Ann Goldberg (82) and John Paul "JP" Trudelle (83) both residents of Sage Living Center, a nursing home located in Jackson Wyoming, sit down together for a One Small Step Conversation. They talk about politics, world history, and their...

Baer Family History with Inge & Irene

Inge Baer Corless and Irene Baer Friendly share their memories of childhood, escaping Nazi Germany, their mother Theresia’s failing health, a stay in a Catholic orphanage, the fate of their father Ernst’s family members who could not make it out...