The Evolution Of Music Over My Mother’s Lifetime

In this interview I discuss how music has changed over my mother’s lifetime. This includes changes in what devices were used to listen to music, what genres were popular, how information about music was spread, attitudes on music, and the...

Talia Eagle talks with her great aunt and uncle Debi and Bruce Philips about their lives together: Part 2

My last couple questions were much more focused on music, because I know it’s a very important part of their lives. I asked what music they did/ do enjoy, as well as their favorite concerts they’ve attended.

Music heard from Seattle to Fairfax.

I conducted this interview with my mother, Nicole Daniels. She gave me an interesting perspective on how the music industry and how we consume music has evolved throughout the years. We touched on what’s different and what has stayed the...

Alisa Baum & Krista Ortgiesen

Alisa Baum and Krista Ortgiesen started taking classes and volunteering at the Old Town School in the early 2000s, and haven't left since. In this excerpt of a conversation recorded at the school on March 22nd, 2017, the longtime friends...

Elizabeth Eubanks and Patricia Scott

Elizabeth Eubanks (58) shares a conversation with her mother, Patricia Scott (82), about her love of music, the groups she played with, and her other creative pursuits.

Lauren Wright and Lisa Al Taie

Friends Lisa Al Taie (61) and Lauren Wright (61) share memories and reflect on their lives.


A quick interview style comparison about concerts and music from the 80s to now.

the new and old of audio media

in this discussion I interviewed my mom about audio media (music, radio, podcasts etc.) and how it was while she was growing up to nowadays

Emmanuel Crawford and Amarion Jones

Emmanuel Crawford (18) speaks with his classmate at Oak Park and River Forest High School Amarion Jones (18) about their past year during the pandemic, their hopes for the future, and what they enjoy doing now.

Change of Musical Taste Over Time

This interview talks about what music and concerts were like prior to the digital age involving iTunes and Spotify.

Preston Taylor, Julianne Taylor, and Katy Maier

Katie Maier (38) interviews siblings Preston (21) and Julianne Taylor (23) about their shared love of history and their many adventures together.

Music over the years with Dawn and Brenna Gill

A mother and daughter talk about how where you live and when you were born can effect your consumption of media.

Concert days

In this interview Samantha (16) interviewed her father Gregory senteno ( 44) about her fathers experiences with different concerts. Explaining how fun and how difficult they are.

Concerts & Rock-bands, a Blast From the Past!

Janet Vaughan gives her daughter Hannah Vaughan insight on what concerts were like when she was younger, as well as some of her favorite and most influential rock-bands + more.

Rachel Reynolds and Roger Reynolds

Rachel Reynolds (36) and her spouse Roger Reynolds (46) remember their daughter, Charlotte, who passed away when she was 4. Rachel and Roger recall how much Charlotte loved to visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and how much the Garden...

Interview with Allie

My honorary aunt allison talks about high school, concerts, and dnd

Music and Concerts Over The Years

I have a conversation with my father about his favorite music and concerts over the past five decades.

The Beatles (Part 1)

I am interviewing my great grandma on the 60s and she started talking about the beatles.