The social divide between Hindu and Muslim people in India
December 2, 2021 App Interview

My mom and dad talked about the social divide In India between the Hindu and Muslim population

My Mom’s Life Story

My mom walked me through important/memorable moments of her life. She discusses conflict and how she grew from those experiences.

#VeteransVoices: Serving On The High Seas

We talked about what it was like to serve in the Navy during the 80s on a daily basis and what was hard/good about it

Interview with My Tata

Renee Jubran tells us what it was like getting forced out of her home in Palestine and moving to America. Renee and her husband started a successful restaurant called the Falafel Hut in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Conflicts with Parents During Adolescence

An analysis of parent-adolescent conflict as dictated by research studies and an interview with an adolescent herself.

Christine Eddington and Roy Diehl

One Small Step conversation partners Roy Earl Diehl II (50) and Christine Eddington (55) discuss their journey to political consciousness, the importance of finding common ground, the role of conflict in social change, and the responsibility to challenge our own...

My Friend Aladji Sow

My name is Caren, and I met Aladji in Atlanta, Georgia this November 2022. I quickly realized that he has a very very interesting life that I thought would be perfect for StoryCorps. Aladji is from Senegal, and he’s been...

Dan Farah coming to America

The story of my dad and how he came to America and started a life from almost nothing

Reflecting On a New Life in College

Annie and I talk about how life has changed since getting to college and how we’ve dealt with those challenges.

Chase Wakelin and Roger Howard on the Politics of Conflict

Chase Wakelin interviews his great uncle Dr. Roger Howard about his life experiences, centering around his time in service during the Vietnam War. They continue on to recent events, discussing the similarities and differences between that past conflict and its...

My Grandparents’ Experience in the LA Riots

Please skip to 1:32. I interview my grandparents, Annie Kim (75) and Paul Kim (80), on their experiences immigrating to America and owning a liquor store in South Central LA during the LA Riots. My mom, Julie Kwon, is translating.

Claire LeBlond and Donna Taylor

One Small Step conversation partners Claire LeBlond (25) and Donna Taylor (65) have a conversation about following their dreams and building bridges within their families.

COMM 240 Interview with Gabriela Ortega

I talked with Gabriela about the different conflicts she had during her childhood and immigration to the United States. We also talked about the conflict that she must navigate as a nurse and with her family.

Interview with Clarissa Slater on conflict, and her knowledge of and a cursory look at her history with conflict in communication.

Clarissa Slater (53) is interviewed by her son, Dylan Lee (20), and speaks of conflict, her history with it, what she's learned about it and some advice for younger people who may or may not have to deal with the...

Moth Story for Ela

Talking about the time I quit football to play soccer.

Crossing the Berlin Wall

There were major differences in East and West Berlin before the wall got torn down.

Enemy Alien # 1098

Gord Breedyk interviews Evelyn Voigt, a member of the Board of Directors of Civilian Peace Service Canada (CPSC). Evelyn was born in a prisoner of war camp in what is now Zimbabwe to German parents who were forcefully removed from...

Gina Scott and Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott (30) interviews his mother, Gina Scott [no age given], about her experience reporting on the deployment of the 142nd Field Artillery Brigade of the Arkansas National Guard in Saudi Arabia.

Carol Odinzoff and Pamela Bergmann

One Small Step conversation partners Carol Odinzoff (66) and Pamela Bergmann (69) discuss their relationship to Alaska, their political beliefs and their concerns for the future.

STORY project
September 9, 2019 App Interview

I talked about how the Troubles affected my mother’s life growing up.

Learn from Mr Hanning’s childhood

I have the honor to know some childhood stories of Mr Hanning. Mr Hanning’s childhood is some good lessons. He gives teenagers a lot of good advices from the prospectives of a teacher.


Conflicts and how they are managed and handled, and how people handle and deal with conflicts.