Charlotte and Jess Cowart extended family

Charlotte A. Cowart, interviewed by her son describes her childhood, parents, brothers, sisters, children and extended family.

My Uncle Job Biography Interview

This is my uncle’s,Marino Giardino,job biography and through a short interview he wants to show his thoughts about his job and his personal appeal towards younger generations.

Working With Electricity 101

The story of how my dad got to where he is today. What his job is really all about!!

Dad english

My Dad and I talking about some classic childhood memories and some work memories.

interview with pappy

an interview with my grandfather talking about his life

thanksgiving 2017 interview

Hannah Sexton (15) interviews her grandfather, Bobby Hall (63) in her dining room in Shelbyville, Kentucky. They talk about his childhood, love-life, and work years.

thanksgiving interview with grandma

i talk to my grandma about her life growing up and her experiences moving and life with family


His previous jobs, parting from his wife, learning to fly a plane

Interviews with Maggie

It was most talk about her life and work and other things

Interview with Vinod- a construction labourer in Gopanpally, Hyderabad, India

Vinod along with his wife has come out to work in Hyderabad because of a 'supposed' curse due to which their newborn dies under a Tantrik