In this together

Just some fun recording with my girlfriend for an assignment

Corona interview with my dad

I just did an interview with my dad to see what he thought about this quarantine.

The Learning of the Unknown

Me and my mom, Sheena Smith, sit and talk about her childhood and family. We also speak about our relationship and how this pandemic has effected it.

Corona Effects

This is an interview of three college aged roommates during the COVID 19 pandemic, and what their views are one what’s going on in spring 2020.

Interviewing my older sister

Me and my sister did a interview on current events and her perspective.

New media project

I sat down with my cousin davonte green and discuss the overall effects of the Coronavirus.

Interview with Robert Andrews my grandfather and rocket scientist. Part 2

In the second part of the interview we discuss his career as an engineer working on the CORONA spy satellites, black projects, and Voyager 1-2 for NASA.

Teenage Life in the Time of Corona

A very sociable and intelligent young teenager describes what her life was like as her life dramatically changed during March of 2020 as the coronavirus spread throughout where she lived. It was about how school changed, family life was altered,...

Extra Credit

We spoke about Covid-19 and how it has impacted his life.

Drawing 2 Braxton and Amer

Their thoughts on politics and corona virus

Moments through life with my big sister!

This interview was about two sisters in Pineville, La taking a trip to “memory lane”! This talk included conversations about childhood, current jobs, influences, and impacts on daily life during a pandemic! This interview was very interesting, it gave me...