Karen Krolak and Nicole Harris

Friends Karen Krolak (49) and Nicole Harris (40) discuss Nicole's self-designed artist residency, Busy is the New Black, and the lessons that Nicole learned from the project.

Interview with Cindy – a recently graduated medical resident

Carrie interviews her sister, Cindy, about her decision to pursue medicine and her experiences as a healthcare worker for a month in Kenya. Cindy also details her thoughts on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our healthcare system.

Capturing History at a Distance with my Parents

We chatted today about how the Coronavirus has affected us as a family. We created this recording via phone to ensure social distance practices. We have not visited with my parents since March 7th, and the outbreak really started to...

Ruth Rappaport, Conference/Travel Coordinator and Musician – COVID-19 Collective Memory Initiative StoryCorps Interview

"I miss the residents [of Brigham House] terribly... I occasionally have looked on the Boston Globe obituaries to see if they are all okay because assisted living homes have been hit terribly." Watertown Resident Ruth Rappaport talks about how both...

Lynda Law Wilson and Helen Frances Casiday

Lynda Law Wilson (age 71) interviewed her granddaughter, Helen Casiday (age 20) about important life lessons that Helen has learned, and also about her experience with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Risa Harms and Daniel Chuang

Risa Harms (Early Forties) talks to Daniel Chuang (16) about her cousin, a healthy marathon runner who passed away to coronavirus.

Living History as a College Student

This interview is a part of the series of stories in the course Applied Journalism Seminar at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Pandemic Interview

This is an interview with my father, a medical doctor working during the covid 19 pandemic.

Nikki Stewart and Jerrell Cox

Friends Nikki Stewart (38) and Jerrell Cox (36) share a conversation about new jobs, the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice, and the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives.

Claire Hughes and Emma Krzyzaniak

Claire Hughes: 2020-07-09 14:50:42 Claire talks with her co-worker Emma about how she's coping with at-home work and life during coronavirus epidemic.

Chaerin Sung and Sally Shapiro

Chaerin Sung asks Sally Shapiro questions related to the coronavirus. She shares her experience living in a pandemic.

Delvin Wilson and Bee Delelisia Wilson

Delvin Wilson (56) and his daughter Bee "Delelisia" Wilson (28) talk about their family restaurant and catering business in Amarillo, Texas. They reflect on how they have shown up for their community during the 2020 pandemic and share how the...

Guadalupe Arreola and Ericka Jaramillo

Los colegas Guadalupe Arreola (39) y Ericka Jaramillo (31) hablan sobre su experiencia como médicos, los desafíos del covid-19, y la importancia de hablar y planificar para el final de la vida. [Colleagues Guadalupe Arreola (39) and Ericka Jaramillo (31)...

Edie Mueller and Shannon Howell

Edie Mueller (20) interviews her boss, Shannon Howell (43) about life as a K-12 educator during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dionne Jacques and Hy-Deia Walker

Dionne Jacques (53) shares a conversation with her friend and colleague, Hy-Deia Walker (27), about how they first became friends, their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic, and what led them to found a cooperative organization together.