Thanksgiving Weekend 11/28/2021

We spoke about past holiday memories and the COVID impact on our Thanksgiving 2021. Zac talked about his family, and appreciating what you have.

A covid year

My last 13 months of covid

life before covid

here i talk about my life before vs in midst of the pandemic

Interview with Ms.P

we talked about what happened reactions about the 9/11 event and what was going on. we also talked about how covid 19 has changed the world and cause different things.

Two besties getting down with corona hoax or not

Talking about corona and what’s happening in the city of El Paso. :)

Covid and My Mom

I interview my mom about covid


This interview is a conversation between me and my sister about how her work life and personal life had changed due to covid.

Wilson AP lit

Interview with Andrew Grazier about Covid 19 and how it affected his summer vibes, man.

Global Pandemic – Mom Style.

Delia Carmackninterviews her mom, Caroline Carmack, about being a working mom during the Covid19 Pandemic.

My Mother’s Life

My mother and I talk about her work status, her childhood and her future.

My dear friend, Jackie.
December 8, 2021 App Interview

Interview about her life and upbringing. Then a story through college during covid.

guery interview

interviewing my boy guery about covid life

Covid Memories Project

We do a covid memories project for school where we discuss the past year in quarantine.

Marijana interview

Marijana, a Serbian international student, talks about an ethical dilema regarding international travel during a pandemic.

2020-2021 memories

Talks about personal COVID experiences, quarantine, other shenanigans

My Mom’s Story

My mom and I talked about her life and what she has learned from it. She started off talking about kindness and how she has learned that from people in her life. We then touched on family and the impact...