My Mom’s Story

My mom and I talked about her life and what she has learned from it. She started off talking about kindness and how she has learned that from people in her life. We then touched on family and the impact...

Interview: Kasey and Erin Shapiro (final)

I conducted an interview with my mom in order to learn about her experiences in life and throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Robin Slemenda and Liz Wessel

Robin shared about her life journey with living her life as a vocation and the influence her mother had on her life. She was a pillar of strength. Her mom modeled a life of generous giving to help Her mom...

Covid Interview

Nicky and Jackson converse about the Covid 19 Pandemic

Life in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Working in the pandemic and having a sister in skilled care during the pandemic.

Rise of COVID and the use of technologies

How COVID affected daily life and how the rise of technology affected and changed peoples lives

Thanksgiving Interview

I interview my Mom with eight questions chosen from a list of suggestions

Covid-19 Pandemic

Me and my mother talking about her experience and thoughts about the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions.

Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley | La Creme Angels Inc.
September 4, 2020 App Interview

Spanish interview featuring La Creme CEO Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley speaking about the important myths and realities of the novel coronavirus. Brought to you by La Creme Angels and La Creme Modeling & Acting Agency. @lacreme @lacremeangels

Interview with Casey Schooner- April 21st 2021

The life and story of Casey Schooner from childhood all the way to covid-19

Danielle Jenkins and Marie Ballance

Danielle shares with Marie her story of always wanting to be a mother and trying for 5 years to get pregnant as a single mom. When she finally got pregnant at 41 she miscarried the baby and the trauma and...

Interview about Covid-19

Today, May, 3 2021 in Northridge, California, I, Edwin Plata, interviewed Francisco Arevalo and asked him some questions about the Corona virus pandemic.

Kathy Edge and Stacie Clark

Stacie shares about how her role as the Clinical Community Liaison at Providence hospice helps foster teamwork and care for patients. She shares her admiration for the sacrifices, creativity nd deep care she has witnesses in caregivers working in facilities...

Jack Drevs

Jack and John discuss like at the end of 2020

Wilson AP lit

Interview with Andrew Grazier about Covid 19 and how it affected his summer vibes, man.

Covid Memories Project

We do a covid memories project for school where we discuss the past year in quarantine.

Joyce Agyin and Angela Marith

Joyce shares the story of giving birth to her first born and health discrepancies she faced as a woman of color and what she learned and how it helped her when faced with some of the same issues with her...

Jake Kennedy interviewed by Brandon Jenkins

Fantastic interview between two friends discussing ones personal COVID-19 experience