Thoughts regarding Covid-19

A simple, yet personal account of Covid-19 by Marcello Aedo a UCF student from Miami, FL.

Covid and more from a Registered Nurse

An inside interview with Carmen Santana RN, on her past life, her family. Now being a Registered Nurse during the covid crisis, carmen explains the struggles she has at work and dealing with positive covid 19 patients. Also carmen talks...

Grace interview about covid

Interviewing Grace about how the pandemic has shaped how she interacts with people.

COVID-19 Memories Interview

We talked about what we experienced during the pandemic.

How do you feel about COVID ?

In this interview we talked about COVID and the impact it has on society.

Kindness during COVID

We hope to represent athletes and coaches who had their football, baseball, swimming, and other programs affected by COVID

Tough Times and its Effects

We discuss political and social issues in addition to covering personal background information.

COVID Reflection interview

In this recording I talked about changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Diary

Covid-19 interview from a student perspective


my brother answers the questions faster because he made it simple with enough answer and it gave us to understand that the pandemic made people change physically mentally and economically and that before we were freer


I interviewed my mom about what life was like during quarantine.

Life as a teen during COVID19

As students in highschool, our lives have been dramatically affected by the corona virus, but we have adapted and found a new sense of normalcy.

Quarantine Interview – Paige and Robby Mayzik

In this interview I asked my little brother about how he felt about the pandemic initially vs now, and how it’s effected him academically.

Covid-19 Diary

Covid-19 interview from a student perspective

Parenting in the time of COVID

Asking a parent about COVID as it pertains to your children

What Covid was like

We just chatted about our memories during Covid

COVID talk with JR

I talked about COVID with JR and got his opinions about various things.

TJ & Scott Acord

TJ has always led an active life full of running, biking, working out and travel. All of that has come to an abrupt halt now that she is battling long covid. She is unable to do most of the things...

Things about my older brother

I ask my brother about some personal things about him and people around him. Then asked him about things with COVID-19.

How has covid affected the younger generations?

How are our children? We think younger kids (ages 10-13) are happy, childish, innocent, but in reality they might be the ones we need to focus on. Do we even think to ask how they feel?


We talked about covid-19 and what barbara's honest thoughts were