Grace Swartz and Emma Swartz

Grace Swartz (16) talks to her sister Emma Swartz (College Student)(19).

Yushin Kim interviews Cailey Beck

Yushin Kim (17) interviews his friend Cailey Beck on swimming, being the villain in another person's story, and the many incredibly stupid people in this world.

Bringing Kara Home

Moving to Walpole, Cove Haven, COVID-19, deciding on Kara


Asking Mary Klock her experience as an essential worker during pandemic

Jacqueline Van Meter & Stacey Todd

Jacqueline Van Meter & Stacey Todd discuss early influences and the pandemic's impact on their lives.

Talia Berger interviewing Haley Geffen

This was an interview about what it is like to live in New York City during the Corona pandemic

Life in the time of Covid-19 #1

Candid interview with my nephew & grocery store workers experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Covid-19: Lila Chapman

Jackie Neale talks with her student, Lila Chapman about how she is feeling in the time of the Coronavirus global pandemic. Lila is Jackie's ungrad photography student at the New York Film Academy and upon being given the stay-at-home mandate...

Shabbos smiles

Mushka and Anna are neighbors and they have talk about Shabbos, Covid and children.

Jamie Citerin and Laura McInturf

Jamie Citerin talks with her mother (64) about her life from growing up in Elkhart Indiana to family history, to being a young mother in the 1970's, from her faith to historical events that she has witnessed/experienced.

Kate De Sousa and Jamie Welch

Jamie and Kate talk about their experience working in a SNF during the COVID pandemic. Includes stories of vaccinated residents testing positive after exposure by unvaccinated healthcare workers, and a plea for vaccination.

Hairdresser from the Bronx

Interview about braiding hair during covid

Covid-19 Interview w/ my Grandma

Asking my grandmother question about her thoughts, experience about covid-19 and how it has affected her.

Yushin Interviews Cailey

Yushin interviews his friend Cailey about swimming, being the villain in another person's story, and what she would do if she was president.

Naomi Berger interviewing a medical student, Margaret Culver about life during the pandemic

Naomi interviewed Margaret about how her life has been different and has changed in social isolation.

COVID-19 (March 26 2020)

An oral history on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Sarah Louie interviews Dr. Stephanie Chan on COVID

In this interview Sarah Louie interviews Dr. Stephanie Chan about how COVID has affected her job as a doctor.