Lillie Todd and Katherine Mohan

5 of 11 great grandchildren asked their 104 year old great grandmother about her marriage and her political views and retrospective look at life.

AnnMarie Ragsdale and Grace Parlapianno interviewed by Theresa Gazaway, Feb 2021

Theresa Gazaway, a lifelong native of New Providence, interviews AnnMarie Ragsdale and her mom, Grace Parlapianno, about their lives in New Providence over the years. Grace moved here as a young bride about 1950, AnnMarie grew up in town- she's...

Scarlett Recalls Times Of Her Life

Scarlett: Aged 41, had a lot of experiences in life. Her daughter, Cheyenne Ly listens to her story of grief and family.

Interview With Arturo Juarez: The Revolving Door Of The Southern Border (Short Version)

I, Elizabeth Juarez (29), interviewed my dad, Arturo (51), about growing up in Central Mexico and crossing the border to the United States in 1989, 1991, and to this day. We talked about what motivated him to emigrate and risk...

Yvonne and Mina

I discussed with my interviewee Mina the question of whether high school students should wear school uniforms. I asked her about her hobbies, about sports and art. In addition to that, we also talked about her dog. It was an...

Preserving The Past: Allie Sansone and Nancy Fennell

Allie Sansone interviews Grandma, Nancy Fennell concerning her life and those of her grandparents and parents. In addition, Grandma Fennell recounts career motivations and memories regarding her children (my Mother and Uncle). Grandma Nancy also discussed her challenges from being...

Interview with Grandpa Simmet

Bryan Freyberg and Meryl Lucchesi-Freyberg interview Bryan's grandpa, Linus Simmet about his time in the service, etc.

"Row your own Boat" and other wise words in the life of Roberta "Bobbie" Sahr

Laura Rosenfeld (32) talks with her grandmother, Roberta "Bobbie" Sahr (82) about her childhood, courtship and marriage with her husband, John Sahr, and advice for her grandchildren.

La Vida de mi Abuelita

Alejandra (19) took the time to learn about her grandmother Tere's past and the experiences that shaped her into the woman she is now. As a 79-year-old woman living in a small town in Michoacan, Mexico, she opened up to...