Brycen Prater interviews his father, Tyson Prater and asks him about his life and life experiences.

In this interview, conducted on April 29th, a student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood Washington, interviewing my dad, Tyson Prater about his life experiences. The main idea of the interview is how life has gone for him and...

Wendy Chen and her friend Tang Xiyuan

Wendy Chen(19) interviews her friend Tang Xiyuan(19) about her high school life. They talk about their school, some interesting activities and friendship.

Outside World Awaits me.

This time Jessica was interviewed by her best friend, Tina, and Jessica Qiu chose to speak in her native language. She mentions her own thoughts on studying abroad and some of her more idealistic wishes. She is looking forward to...

Indigo La Mere and Lourdes Fontanilla

Lourdes Fontanilla, Junior at El Molino, interviews Indigo La Mere a Senior at El Molino

Larry Nessly and Stefani Priskos

Stefani Priskos (26) speaks with Larry Nessly (73) about his involvement in the Triangle Threshold Singers, a group that sings for individuals on the thresholds of living and dying in North Carolina. This conversation was held via Zoom due to...

David A interviews Judy Campbell

Judy and David talk about Judy's life in NP over the years. She shares stories of fun celebrations our town used to have, such as the Paul Revere anniversary ride in 1975.

Song Lin:a woman police officer

Interviewer: Daisy Interviewee: Song LinSong LinOccupation: Police Age: 37 Gender: Female