Life in America and Life in Korea

Hanmin speaks with her father Il Kug Kim. In this interview Il Lug Kim talks about his life in Korea, when he had to serve in the military, and what he learned throughout his life. He talks about how his...

Bernadine Manning and Liam Manning

Liam Manning (27) and his mom Bernadine “Bernie” Manning (58) come together to talk about parenting, particularly what it was like for Bernie to raise a queer child and Liam’s journey of self-discovery. They also reflect on their relationship and...

Life experiences and memories

Selina Liu(19) interviews with her friend Viola Xu(22) about life in Boston University. Viola also talks about some cultural differences she experienced, her thoughts on education and her self-growth to become a powerful woman.

Working in Another Language

Despite being in Japan for the earthquake in 2011, Gerald Hirshberg doesn't tell that story, because stories of interacting with the place and the people are far more earthshattering. In November of 2017, Kate Hirshberg interviewed her grandfather, Gerald 'Jerry'...

Ed Setzler

Ed Setzler [no age given] talks about his grandfather, Leonard Bugay, who served with distinction in World War II, earning the rank of First Lieutenant by the end. From basic training to managing a German Prisoner of War Camp, Bugay...

David Straange and Xiaoyin Xie

Significant others David Straange (30) and Xiaoyin Xie (28) sit down to discuss their ideas of home. They discuss their childhoods, Xiaoyin's experience as an immigrant, and the importance of art in their lives.

Saud and Chris talk about cultural similarities & differences between the US and Saudi Arabia

For the Ethnographic Interview of the Language Partners Program at Minnesota State Univeristy, Mankato. We talk about the cultural similarities & differences between the US and Saudi Arabia.

Germans Are So Honest

After immigrating to Los Angeles from Hamburg, Germany twenty years ago, Verena sits down to talk about German v. American differences.

Elizabeth Walther-Grant and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Elizabeth Walther-Grant, adopted from the Bahamas and raised by an Andover family, talks about growing up in Andover, the racism she faced, and what inspired her to found Merrimack Valley Black and Brown Voices. She...

Interviewing Leonie About her Experiences as a Exchange Student

Abdul (15) interviews Leonie(16) about her experiences as an exchange student from Germany. Leonie talks about some of her experiences in Germany and moving to America.

Anna Waldron and Jack Shah

anna waldron: 2021-10-15 20:14:45 We talked about Jack's career, his family, and his values. We also talked about his religion and the differences between America and India. Lastly, we talked about the "American Dream".

Talking with Gloria

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 at Sebastopol Regional Library, Cicero (17) interviews Gloria (63+) about her life. She talks about her first love, cultural differences, and overcoming hardship, as well as her career as a child psychologist.

Immigrating to the United States

Rosa Ortega describes her experience immigrating to the United States. One of her main reasons to move to the United States was for the low-income situation in Mexico. She describes her difficulties when she first comes to the United States,...

An Immigrant Journy to the US

My father talks about his journey of illegally crossing the US border in 2003 from Mexico. The stuggles and changes he went through to get a better life for his family. The misconceptions that Mexicans have on life in the...

Kristin Wheeler and Antonio Kotoni

Kristin Wheeler (31) interviews her mentee Antonio Kotoni (23) about people who are important to him, his parents immigrating from Albania to Greece, immigrating to the United States at eleven years old, and adjusting to life in the United States.

Elton and Doris

Elton asks about differences in culture between Rhode Island and North Carolina