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Barriers to Voting: Cultural Values

In this podcast, we discussed culture and cultural values and the role it plays in voting, politics, and the world.

Shanya and Clarissa talk about cultural values and their effect on the electoral process with guests Arkin and Samuel.

Shanya and Clarissa go in-depth about different cultural values and their affect on the electoral process. Guests Samuel and Arkin, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico, give their own personal insight on the topic.

The Superhero Origin Story of the Chicago Full Moon Jam

Chicago Full Moon Jam founder Liz Breen Campanella and former FMJ organizer and board member Michi Trota talk about their love of art and fire, nurturing a vibrant community of performers, musicians, and volunteers, and the evolution of the FMJ...

What is "Culture": A conversation with my Mom

Most South Asian kids often have parents who are immigrants. However, my mother went to K-12 and Rutgers University in the United States. In this interview, we discuss how this affected her growing up and the eventual impact on raising...