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Gianna Crema and Brianna Schindler

[Recorded Tuesday, September 12, 2023] Gianna (19) from Long Island, New York, and Brianna (20) from the Eastern Shore of Maryland participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA....

Argent Castiblanco

Argent es de Columbia y ella viene a Los Estados Unidos a la edad el vientinueve. Ella habla sobre su vida en Columbia y como diferente es en Los Estados Unidos. Tam one, Argent habla los tradiciones y cosas hacer...

Learning About My Father – George Sabeh

My father tells me about how working hard and being flexible to different cultures and lifestyles is valuable in life, how he wants me to find happiness and be happy, and recounts his experiences. Immigrating from Venezuela to Syria to...

An Interview With My Argentine Grandmother

Estela Fernandez, born on December 6th of 1940, is the daughter of European refugees who came to Buenos Aires, Argentina during World War 1. She talks about her fondest memories, such as hanging out with her families on the weekends,...

“I really enjoy all the traditions of India.”

Divya Singh is an 18-year-old Indian American who is in her senior year at IMPACT Early College High School in Baytown, Texas. Her parents emigrated from India about two years before she was born. Divya discusses what it was like...

Danielle Qin and her mother Dan Chen talk about childhoods, accounting, and dogs.

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2023 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Danielle Qin (17) interviews her mother Dan Chen (58) about her life as an accountant and first-generation Chinese immigrant. She also talks about her love of animals and...

Teaching in Different Cultures

We discuss the past, present, and future of Mr. C’s teaching experience and what is similar/different about teaching in two different cultures.

Samueli Source Interview with dating experts

The topic is gender and mating strategies and how if having a dominant partner will still give you the opportunity to keep your political views and allow you to express them. A number of dating experts were brought in to...

Growing up in a multicultural household and experiencing culture shock and bullying

A 15 year old and 13 year old talk about what it’s like going from being the majority to being the minority. They explain what it was like to grow up with multiple cultures and being different from everyone around...