Aiden Benschneider’s Interview

We talked about what my dad is most proud of. I also asked him what advice he would pass on to his grandchildren if he could.

Interview with Dad 11/22

I interviewed my dad, Greg, on the morning of Thanksgiving for my english class.

Making borsch with Dad
December 27, 2018 App Interview

Making Ukrainian borsch with dad using his mother’s recipe

Interview with mommy<3

how my mom viewed and views currently

Sherman Interview

Interview for Heronfield Academy- Humanities

Story Interview

My dad and I talked about his childhood, how his childhood was, and who he misses. I learned some new things about him that I didn’t know before.

Interview With My Dad

An interview with Scott Law, who is the CEO of Zotec Partners - a medical billing company.

My Dad

My dad worked in the Air Force for 21 years, and I decided to learn some new things about the time he served.

Honors College interview with my dad

In this interview with my dad we talked about his upbringing and his decision to come to America.

Alice Ventura (Gram)

I spoke with gram while visiting in fall of 2018. We were at her retirement community in Whitewater, WI.

Dad at nearly 50

Getting to know my dad’s childhood in Spanglish. From San Rafael, a small ranch near Huejucar, Jalisco, Mexico to Southern California and three very American daughters. He talks about life lessons and loss.

HI 360 interview

Thanksgiving oral interview of my dad for HI 360

Wise Words(ish)

While my dad isn’t old, he still has wise words he can tell me to help me through life. He talks about school teachers and the impact they have, while also recalling fond memories from when he was 10.

Life with Dad

A dad and son talk about their life and choices

My Dad

Interviewing my dad and how what he has learned has changed his life

On The Spot

In the interview, my dad and I were talking about his childhood. We also brought up jokes, memories, and lessons he has to offer.