Victor- mi papá.

At first my dad was a little uncomfortable doing the interview but as we continued the questions talking about his wedding, his favorite memories, what books he loves, and his experience first living in the U.S he got more into...

Storytelling Assignmemt

Interview with my dad, Mike Kilpatrick.

Interview With Dad

I ask my Dad about his past and about me!

USEM Interview

We talked about his life growing up and where he is now.

Interview with John DeLury, my dad, about Vietnam
November 21, 2015 App Interview

My dad's name is John DeLury Jr. He flew two tours in Vietnam. Recently I had the chance to sit down and interview him about his experience and his decision back in the 1960's to enlist (he wasn't drafted; he...

Interviewing My Dad

I had the opportunity to interview my father who has influenced my life greatly.

Interview with My Dad

In my interview, I spoke with my dad Geoffrey Clark. We talked about important people in our lives, gratefulness, and important life lessons that he has learned throughout life. Our interview, while being shorter in terms of time, takes a...

Thanksgiving Interview

My interview is about my dad. It talks about the influences that have contributed to my Dad’s life.

Interview with Dad

I interviewed my Dad to find out some of the biggest influences on his life and some of the best advice he has received. He also talked to me about his proudest and happiest moments as well as advice he...

Getting the Juice

My dad, Eugene Travis, tells me about his memories from childhood and his teen years. He tells me about the beginnings of his marriage and gives advice for marriage and family.

Dad about Sara pt. 1

I asked my dad questions about my sister, Sara. I will be giving Sara this for her 34th birthday.

The thanksgiving listen

We talked about basically everything under the sun.

My fathers past and my future

I interviewed my father and discussed with him on things we’ve been through, his past and my future. How he grew up and his childhood. The interview was recorded on 11/27/2020

Interview with Dad

This interview is a little about my stepdads family, his childhood, and advice he has to give.