The man I never knew

My dad passed away a few months ago so I sat down with one of his friends we he was younger to learn about my dad when he was my age.

Dad’s interview

Abouts my dad’s life after he crossed the border

What it Means to Work Hard – An interview with my Dad

I sat down with my dad to talk about his life and how he grew up. He started from basically nothing and took advice from those of a greater intelligence and applied it to his life and has become very...

Rick Buckley 2017

Talked about all the way through life and how he has lived so far

Interviewing My Dad

Here I am interviewing my Dad Greg Shaughnessy. He has been an incredible role model throughout my whole life and it was a great time sitting down and really getting to know him like never before.

Ryan Lee

We talked about what his life was like as a child and how her grew up. One of the big ones was the first question about how kids are different now that what they use to be.

Interviewing my dad

This is an interview of my dad for a class project

Honors College interview with my dad

In this interview with my dad we talked about his upbringing and his decision to come to America.

Audio Story Telling with my Grandmother- Jeanliq Mendez

I asked my Grandma 10 question about her life and she shared somethings that I’ve never heard before.

My dad’s lovelife,childrood, and ex-wife.

In this interview, conducted in November 25, 2018. Jennifer Villareal(14) interviews her father Mario Villareal(48). She ask him about his childhood,lovelife and his ex-wife. His tell his dad joke like the empty box Joking which his daughter hates. How he...

Interview with Mom about Grandpa

We talked about my mother’s decreased father and what he was like.

Stories and Words of Wisdom from my Dad
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This recording is about my dad, tales from his childhood, tales from his adulthood, and his philosophies.

The Grapes of Wrath- Father/Daughter Interview

Interviewing my father about his work, childhood, and ancestry. Recording did quit suddenly however, I hope you enjoy.

Story Corps with my Dad!

My dad and I talked about my dad’s childhood, struggles, happy moments, and his career. I had fun recording this interview, for I learned some things about my dad I never knew before.

An interview with my dad. (WHHS)

In this interview we get to know a little bit more about my dad, Cirilo.

Interview With My Dad

We talked about what’s left in life and some highlights that have occurred.

An Interview With My Dad

This interview entails me asking my dad questions regarding my infancy as well as questions concerning his family life as a child. He tells funny stories about my sister´s reaction to my birth, a heartwarming memory from my first month...