How education and life has changed and how it would’ve adapted in times of crisis like these

In this interview I talk to my dad about what it was like growing up in a time with less technology and how that affected education daily life and the possible outcomes of a pandemic during his younger days.

Interview with my dad, Daniel Richard

Towards the end we talked about David Pilgrim, my middle name is David in his honor and that’s why I asked about him.

Interview with my dad

In this interview, I talk with my dad about his upbringing, life in college, living in the U.S, and how he raised my sister and me.


The questions that were asked in this interview were mostly about memories in life. Things that helped my dad grow into the man he is today.

Sidney A. Smith, May 8, 2016

Personal interview on the life of Sidney A. Smith from Logan, Utah.

Frank Gravatt: His Views on life and the film industry

My dad and I sit down for 40 minutes discussing why he chose making movies and his views on his life and things going on around him.

Rick Buckley 2017

Talked about all the way through life and how he has lived so far

AP Human Geography 2nd Term Project

This is a recording of myself interviewing my loving father. In this, he talks about his influences, childhood, hobbies, and family. I think it is very interesting to learn more about him and things he has to say.

Joe Mags

I interviewed my dad, Joe, and we talked about his childhood and his memories.

Aiden Benschneider’s Interview

We talked about what my dad is most proud of. I also asked him what advice he would pass on to his grandchildren if he could.

Interview with my dad

I talk about my dad and his life

Interview with Dad

We talked about his childhood and life. Also talked about his children aka me

Papa interview

Interview with dad at a tough time in his life