WWII Civilian Life

This interview was about civilian life in Columbus, Ohio during WWII

Grandpa John “Jack” Hauser sharing some stories about his life and time spent in the service

My Grandfather, John “Jack” Hauser answering some of my questions and sharing stories of his own. The stories are all about his life and adventures during his time in the service.

An Interview With Haylin

I sat down and had a casual conversation with Haylin, an indidvidual I met in the library.

My interview.

A short interview about choices and impacts

daily life during COVID-19

Members of the Lowe family reflect on how daily life has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bebe tells her life story

Bebe told her story of what it was like in the philipenes.

Maya M Almanaseer

Tala almnaseer (21) talking to her sister Maya Almnaseer (17) about here life and hopes that she is a senior and graduating in couple weeks

Summary of Cathy’s childhood

This interview took place at my grandmas house in November 2017. My grandmas name in Catherine Taylor and we talked about her life as a child and into adulthood.

The Bread of Cozad with Judy Evans.

Judy discussed with us all the stories of the bread making of Cozad. Also mixed in with some family heritage of her family around the Dawson County area. She talked about her daily routine, which contained multiple chores and early...

Danielle and Erin Hain – COVID-19 Interview

Danielle Hain (17) interviews her sister, Erin Hain (14) about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted Erin's life.

My Aunt Maru

My Aunt Maru's daily life growing up and now. And some special memories.

Storycorps Final

The life Felix Bello lived in Cordova, Veracruz and how he got to the U.S