Brycen Prater interviews his father, Tyson Prater and asks him about his life and life experiences.

In this interview, conducted on April 29th, a student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood Washington, interviewing my dad, Tyson Prater about his life experiences. The main idea of the interview is how life has gone for him and...

PART 4 Gina, Shay, and Rahni: A conversation with a war veteran, a single mother, and her daughters and the effects of Social Injustice.

Gina Howard (44), in part one of a four-part series of a conversation with Shay Ware 25-year-old daughter, and Rahni Patnett, 20-year-old daughter about life before, during, and after the military and how the social injustices have affected our lives...

How Divorce, Betrayal, and Loneliness Led to Overwhelming Love!

In this interview we talked about her relationship with her parents and how it has changed now and we also talked about when she felt the most alone. We then went on to talk about how illness has affected her...

My interview with Heidy Vicente

In our interview, we talked about things about her past and things about her present.

Salvador war affecting millions of people's lives including my fathers

In this interview we talked about how the war that happened in salvador affected many people's lives. My dad gives his story.

"Do What Brings you Joy" Derrick and Gabriella Heffelfinger

Gabriella Heffelfinger interviews her father about his life and what it is that he enjoys about it.

Ayden Harris Meeting with Steve Budnack—the owner of the Parker Task Force

Ayden Harris (18) interviews Steve Budnack (~25ish) who owns the Parker Task Force about his life, what influenced him, and how he got to where he is today.

Amanda Stone, Natalie [No name given], and Tanya Smith-Sreen

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Amanda Stone (30), Natalie [No name given] (33) and Tanya Smith-Sreen (25) share about their Peace Corps Guatemala experience. They talk about some of the challenges they faced as Peace Corps Volunteers as well as what...

"I need to see my wife, it might be the last time I see her"

Debbie had a brush with death that forever changed her life. She is a wife, a mother, a graduate student, and as of December she is a brain bleed survivor. The odds were against Debbie, but she beat them. Here...

Isabel Smith and Lauren Hale

Isabel Smith (15) speaks with her cousin Laura Hale (30) about how she feels about her life and how it is different than she imagined.

Braden's School and Work Career at the Milton Hershey School

Braden's talks about what led to the Milton Hershey School and how it influenced his life

It was Nice Talking to You

Khan and Lilly talk about their life goals and dreams.