Van Cain and Emily Green-Cain

Grandfather and grandmother met in Knoxille TN at School for Deaf early 20th century

my mom

funny stories from childhood and good and bad memories plus lots of wisdom for future generations to appreciate


Grayson talks about his struggles of beaing deaf

Christine Kostrubala and Sarah Rasmussen

Christine shares personal stories about the challenges of getting good healthcare as a deaf person. Being disrespected, misinterpreted, and not being able to trust doctors and others in the healthcare system.

Grayson 2

Grayson talks about being deaf

A Heart to Heart with Ms. Don

Don Young, talks to a former student bout the struggles she faces in the Colored Community along with the Deaf Community.

“I’ve learned there are a lot of people who have deaf dogs.”

When you enter PJ’s Backlot Feed and Emporium in Baytown, Texas, you probably will be greeted by Angel. If the Great Dane rescue doesn’t respond to what you’re saying, it’s because she is deaf. Her owner, Paula Winters, fitted her...

The Smith Family

This interview, I talked about what my life would be like or moms life would be like if things were different.

the Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her past and some people that have been big influences in her life and also talked about my father as a child

Mrs. Symons

Mrs. Symons spends lots of time with deaf people and she talks about what it is like