Remembering Kiran: Our Little Ray of Light

When one of my twin sons Kiran was born, it became clear he had a neurodegenerative disease. His condition resulted in seizures, developmental delay and many hospitalizations. My mother and father helped me through this tough period; in this interview...

Kristen Glenn and Jane Nicolet

Friends, Kristen Glenn [no age given] and Jane Nicolet [no age given], reflect on meeting through Kristen's non-profit, Three Hopeful Hearts, created for bereaved parents and families suffering the loss of a child, and their recent collaboration which lead to...

Rosalind Watkins and Marie Thompson

One Small Step conversation partners Marie Thompson (51) and Rosalind "Roz" Watkins (60) share coping mechanisms from childhood and as adults, loss of loved ones, addiction and recovery, political policies and conversing with people who disagree with them.