Rashaad Thomas and Ahmed Flex Omar

Rashaad Thomas (40) talks to his friend Ahmed "Flex" Omar (38) about his life, including his time in the Air Force.

Kalolaine Palei and Louisa Tali

Kalolaine Palei (30) and her friend Louisa Tali (26) talk about losing their fathers and how those losses have changed them. They also talk about their careers in healthcare fields and the importance of prioritizing taking care of themselves mentally...

" I did not have a great childhood"

Nayeem Islam talked to his grandmother, Daulton Islam about her childhood in Bangladesh and the time she moved to America. With that Nayeem Islam talked about her point of view about her life that she faced and what she thinks...

Maritza Cha and Blanca Herdgwithini

Maritza Cha (37) y su mama Blanca Herdgwithini (65) hablan de la conexión bien fuerte que han hecho como madre y hija, a pesar de años muy duros que han pasado mientras tanto Blanca tuvo tres trabajos para hacer que...

Jennifer DePaola and Peter DePaola (IV)

Jennifer DePaola (49) and her son Peter DePaola IV (21) tell the story of Jennifer's journey on the Camino de Santiago with her father, Peter's grandfather. The story takes a turn when Jennifer's father passes away during their trip and...

Barbara Still and Nell Wright

Nell Potter Wright (98) shares memories with her daughter, Barbara Still (71), of growing up in Virginia, going to nursing school, and being in Nurse Corps during World War II. She remembers her late husband, Alfonso Franklin Wright Jr., and...