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Death Penalty

We talked about the controversy of the death penalty

Corbin Witt and Luke Perez

Corbin Witt (21) speaks to his OSS conversation partner Luke Matthew Perez (39) about their political positions, as well as their views on the death penalty, the attacks on September 11th 2001, and their identities as political conservatives of latino...

Michael Floyd and Melissa Price

One Small Step partners Michael Floyd (54) and Melissa Price (57) talk about the challenging circumstances that they lived through as children, the formation of their belief systems, and their relationships with faith.

The Death Penalty

Two interviews about the Death Penalty and their ideas

Bonnie Wahiba and Trish Davis

One Small Step conversation partners Bonnie Wahiba (67) and Trish Davis (64) talk about their views on big issues like abortion, death penalty and Donald Trump. Trish recently changed her political party. Bonnie shares a story about being disowned by...