Debate Coach and Debater

An interview with a senior high school debater and her coach since freshman year

Marketing 101 interview

We talked about our different views on business topic

The Great Debaters

I talk with Lynda Cobb, my debate coach, the mother of my debate partner, and my 2nd mother. Thanksgiving Day, 2018, in the downstairs of my house on a couch bed.

ECON 222 Political Interview

Questions (Q) / Answers (A) - 1Q) What questions did you ask? 1A) I asked him the questions that were listed on PolyLearn. 2Q) Why did you ask them? 2A) I asked them because I felt like they were good...

Cynthia Elliott and Elizabeth Anderson

One Small Step partners Cynthia Elliott (64) and Elizabeth "Libby" Anderson (48) have a conversation about following Jesus's political example, how hard it is to affect change in a given generation, their advice to their younger selves, and being empty-nesters.

Luke Young and Kelsey Johnson

In this interview with speech coach Kelsey Johnson, we see the world of speech, debate, and student congress. We learn the misconceptions of speech and the benefits to its participants that are widely unknown.

Brandy Harris and Julie Leeth

Brandy Harris (35) and her mentor, Julie Leeth (69), look back on their early memories of one another, discuss their shared passion for supporting young people in public education, and appreciate the roles they have played in one another’s lives.