Marys decisions that followed her realization that she did not want to be introduced as "Betty s daughter Mary" for the rest of her life

Mary moved to San Francisco as a 27 year old in the 1960s. She shares stories about that move, going to the South to be a part of voter registration and marching for civil rights, her travels to South America...

Rethinking the meaning of governance with Shauna Gordon-McKeon

In a conversation looking at multiple meanings of open source governance and project health, Shauna Gordon-McKeon shares with Open Source Stories views of how investing in project culture can build virtuous cycles of inclusion and contribution. From reducing the number...

"Choosing the Science of Decision-Making" an interview with Roger Pulwarty and Michael Hayes

Why do people feel they way they do about issues? Why do lawmakers and policy leaders seemingly act against their better interests? And how can information be developed in a way that leads not just to greater understanding, but to...

A Path To Admire

Wendy (15) asks her older sister, Leslie (23) about her life after graduating university, now that she no longer lives at home with the family in Dallas, Tx and lives in Boston, Ma.

Kaitlyn McMurtry and Richard Kirkpatrick

One Small Step conversation partners Kaitlyn "Katie" McMurtry (30) and Richard "Rick" Kirkpatrick (63) talk about their traumatic experiences. They share thoughts about religion and the roles of the government.

Jenny Rask Interviews father Gene Rask about his life. Interview about Lee and Bonnie Rask and kids.

Jenny Rask: 2021-02-27 23:36:35 Interviews father Gene Rask about his life. Lee Rask was like a brother and Gene's protector. Lee rescues Gene from Hawthorne Grade school bully Henry Joe. Lee's help in Gene's decision making. Memorable visits to Bonnie...


Mi mamas niñez, que fue un momento feliz. De su unico embarazo y el milagro de un bebe. De ultimo los momentos dificiles.