a mom & daughters love

We talked about my childhood experiences this far, our love for people in our family, and hardships we have overcome.

Triip to vegas

Road to vegas... where we get to know each other a lil better

Tina Beller and Charles Diamond

Tina (37) talks with her friend Chuck (37) about their time in the military, his work as a federal investigator, and transitioning into civilian life.

Matthew Kelly and Jennifer Kelly

Matthew Kelly (47) talks with his wife, Jennifer Kelly (46), about his deployment to Iraq in 2003, his experiences at war, and how Jennifer dealt with suddenly being a single mother.

David Englert and Logan Englert

David Robert Englert (53) talks to his son, Logan Englert (18), about his service in the military and his five deployments. Logan shares reflections on being raised in a military family and traveling.

Michael Vizcarra and Victoria Vizcarra

Michael (52) talks to his daughter Victoria (17) about his lifelong service in the U.S. Navy.

Interview with Tom

In 20 questions I inquired about Tom’s childhood and military experiences.

Mom Part 2 (sibling #15)

My mom and I caught up again over the phone. Just as southern states are beginning to reopen the virus is reaching our family like never before but my mom believes that her faith and military experience will carry her...

Evelyn Barnett asks her Papa Richard Harless about what it was like being in the military and how he met her Nana. Pt 3

I ask my Papa about his how he met my Nana and his time in the Military. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00 am. I interviewed...

Lisa Delaney and Marilyn Duffoo

Commander Lisa Delaney (40) and Marilyn Duffoo (43) talk about their deployment to Liberia and Sierra Leon to fight Ebola.

Jamila Gowdy and Amelia Gowdy

Mother, Amelia Gowdy (56) and her daughter, Jamila Gowdy (16) talk about Sgt. John Gowdy's 30 year military career with the Marines.

Nikkita Davis and Jonathan Jones

Nikkita Davis (34) talks with her brother Jonathan Davis (34) about her military service and her life afterwards. She talks about the positive effect the military had on her life, her disagreement and struggle with war, and the difficulty she...

Hans Heaton, Navy and National Guard veteran, speaks on his military service.

Hans Heaton, a former member of the Navy and National Guard is interviewed by Savannah McCool, a high school sophomore. Heaton and McCool cover his reasons for enlisting, his job as a mechanic in the Navy, and his experience in...

Devin Brisbois and Amanda Brisbois

Amanda Brisbois (33) interviews her husband Devin Brisbois (37) about his first two military deployments as a U.S. Army Reservist. Devin recently found out that he will be deployed for a third time; they talk about the impact this has...

Leslie Rangel and Susan Clarke

Leslie (35) talks to new friend Sue Clarke (71) about her years as a military spouse, raising her son, and ultimately divorcing her husband. She discusses the hardships her family endured and facing a promising new chapter of her life.

Army Reserve and NYPD Life Experiences

December 15, 2019 in New Hope, PA, Reagan Chrencik interviewed Larry Alfano. He is an army reserve and former member of the NYPD. He has been deployed and traveled around the world for work. Larry’s job in the NYPD was...

Get to know Carly Vohs!

This is about Carly and her experience in the military as well as her personal life

Military Family

Gabby Germann (16) of Egg Harbor Township, NJ speaks with her father, James Germann (47) about his military service on November 24, 2018. In this interview they begin by discussing James background with the military. It then goes on to...