Paulette Isaac Napper and Tomeka Napper

Paulette Isaac Napper [no age given] talks with her daughter Tomeka Napper (45) about leaving a record for her grandson so he knows about her life growing up in the south during the 1960s, family traditions, Jim Crow, and black...

The media’s role on education and music- As told through a woman who grew up in southern Virginia

This interview highlights the changes in media over time and how it has affected both music and music listening habits as well as the education systems in the US.

What can you tell me about segregation in Kentucky and California?

I interviewed my father Robert L. Patterson a little over one year before he passed away from cancer in his home in South Carolina. This segment is about his experience over a four year time with segregation in Kentucky and...

Ron Pollack and Michael Wenger

Friends Mike Wegner (71) and Ron Pollack (69) talk about meeting as young white college students in New York, and their subsequent involvement in the Civil Rights movement, including the Freedom Summer. They talk about how it shaped the rest...

Melody Barnes and Matt Hantzmon (Part 2)

[Recorded: Tuesday, June 21, 2022] Melody and Matt record a follow-up One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia, 7 months after their first meeting. They kick off by discussing the outcome of the 2021 Virginia elections and share their opinions...

Bo Bartlett and Betsy Eby

Spouses Bo Bartlett (65) and Betsy Eby (54) sit down for a conversation about how their respective childhood homes have influenced who they are today, the inspiration behind each of their artistic styles, and the role that the Bo Bartlett...

No Child left Behind – ever

Susan Uchitelle has dedicated her life to the education of underprivileged and disadvantaged children. She was fearless in her efforts to assure equal education to all children regardless of class, color, or economic background. She was very successful in her...

Sally Gilbert and Jeri Thompson

One Small Step conversation partners Sally Gilbert (67) and Jeri Thompson (63) discuss their shared experiences growing up in the South, raising children, and reckoning with their race. They reflect on their generational connection and their hopes for the future.

Fred Davis and Pamela Vickers

Pamela Vickers (66) interviews her uncle, Fred Douglas Davis (79), about his history of social justice work for African Americans in Tulsa, and how he feels about the amount of progress the African American community has made in recent years.

David Hundley and Abigail Hundley

Spouses David Hundley (68) and Abigail Hundley (60) speak about David's experience growing up Black in Seattle.

Gail Mondoux and Tracy Shaughnessy

Friends Gail Mondoux (77) and Tracy Shaughnessy (62) talk about Tracy's experience being bused to a predominantly Black school in Tacoma.

Jeannette Holland and Erik Townsend

Jeannette Holland (68) speaks with her son Erik Townsend (31) about her experience transferring high schools her Junior year at the onset of integration in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeannette recalls the safety and support she felt at her all-Black high school...

Nicholas Piediscalzi and Christy Hightower

Nicholas Piediscalzi, a retired United Church of Christ minister, talks to us about his personal experience and relationship to peace, as well as his work in peace-making in larger settings. As a minister in Chicago in the 1940s and 1950’s...

Desegregation in the 70’s

Mother and daughter talk about her experience with the desegregation of school going on in the 70’s

Della Kostelnik Juarez and Julia Juarez-Kostelnik

Della Kostelnik Juarez (61) tells her daughter Julia Juarez-Kostelnik (22) about her experiences participating in a voluntary bussing/racial transfer program as an elementary school student in Seattle. Della describes how being the only white kid in a predominantly Black school...

Bob Whetstone the Storyteller.

My Grandad Bob has many interesting stories. During the interview, I’ve learned that my grandad wasn’t allowed to serve in the military because of his eyes, suffered in school because of his eyes and living during the great depression and...

John Rossi and Patrick Nolan

Friends John Rossi (65) and Patrick Nolan (58) remember their experiences growing up amidst school desegregation efforts in Seattle, Washington.

Vernon Frank Reeves and Sherri Taylor

Sherri Taylor (67) interviews her father, Vernon Frank Reeves (96), about what it was like being an educator in Okeechobee County, Florida during integration. They also talk about Vernon's childhood in Okeechobee and remember some characters from his hometown.