Charles Burt and Laura Burt

Charles Burt (50) and his wife Laura Burt (41) discuss Charles' military service, his art, and his Parkinson's Disease diagnosis.


Overall the interview was a great experience getting to sit down and talk to a relative and learn more about the events that took place in desert storm. The war over the invasion of Kuwait, it was a tragic experience...

Wade Sweet Desert shield/storm

Me and my dad talking and his experience in the army during Desert Shield/ Storm.

Thoughts from an Air Force Vetran

In Blanchard, Louisiana 16 year old Isabelle sits down with her grandfather to discuss his time in the Air Force and the way his experiences shaped his life. He talks a little bit about his childhood influences and his life...

Elliah and Jeff’s Interview

We talked about my dad's time in the military.

My dad the cargo pilot

My dad was a cargo pilot for many years and learned quite a bit how aircraft work and how to fly.

Charles Hale in the Gulf War
November 25, 2022 App Interview

Charles Hale (52) talks about the day after cease fire in the Gulf War.

Jerry Mills

The life story and defining moments in Jerry Mills’ life.

Gina Scott and Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott (30) interviews his mother, Gina Scott [no age given], about her experience reporting on the deployment of the 142nd Field Artillery Brigade of the Arkansas National Guard in Saudi Arabia.

Gulf war 2

Moments and experience and what really happened with the veterans and their life

My Dad’s Experience: Desert Storm

I asked my dad about his experience on an aircraft carrier during desert storm.

When I was younger my dad told me thunder was just the sound of Field Artillery

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Edward Hughes served in the Army for 20 years. Here is part of his story.

Chris Morley-US Navy AE2 Norfolk, Virginia, Oceana Base

That in the military there is a lot of stuff to adapt to when you go into the military and the military is much different from civilian life.

Ellie Kennedy and Marcia Franklin

Marcia Franklin (60) interviews friend and veteran Ellie Kennedy (65) about her experiences during the Gulf War. They also talk about life after the war, athleticism, and Gulf War Syndrome.

Desert Storm

Basic questions on Steve lambs experiences and thoughts on Desert Storm

Desert Storm War

I (Alyssa Gatlin) am interviewing Jack Caldwell about his experience in the desert storm war. Jack is an 80 year old veteran who has served over 40 years in the military.

Steve Andrews’ Story of Desert Storm

This is an interview of Steve Andrews. He is an Operation Desert Storm Veteran, who served in the 1st Armored Divison.

Michaela Shafer and Patricia Davis

Michaela Shafer (68) interviews her friend Patricia "Pat" Davis (65) about her service in the Air Force, how she balanced her military service with her family life, and her transition to civilian life.