My grandfather's journey through college

In this interview, conducted in November 2022 in Greenbrae, California, Alana Leifer (15) interviews her mother, Monica Leifer(52), who looks back on her father's life. Monica tells an inspirational story about her father's academic journey and how he never felt...

Oral History Project 2023

This is an interview by Isabella Cabrera who is interviewing her mom, Ana Cabrera. Ana recounts her childhood, the trauma she carries from fleeing the communist government in Cuba, her determination through nursing school, and lessons she’s learnt through being...


Interviewed my mom about Vietnam and her journey to America. Also how America gave her more of an opportunity to succeed.

Thelma McGhie, Stephen Thomas, and Rosalie McGhie

Stephen Thomas (37) and Rosalie McGhie (63) interview Stephen's grandmother and Rosalie's mother, Thelma McGhie (88), about her immigration to the United States and her life here working as a seamstress and a dietician.

Recording – 04-07-2024 13:41:15

Mia (16) interviews her grandmother Pamela (76) to talk about her experience with sexual harrasment at a major corporation.

The Big Move

My mom moved from Indonesia to the U.S. in 1998 when she was 26. She didn't know very much english but with hard work and determination she learned the language. She now is a fluent english speaker.

Interview with Shelby

Shelby Kihega, age 19, is college athlete at MSSU. She runs cross country and track, arguably one of the hardest sports. In this interview, she describes the highs and lows of her favorite sport and what makes her her.

How One’s experiences impacts professional and personal aspects of their life

Elizabeth Medugno talks about her experiences growing up both in Italy as well as the United States. She shares memories, inspiring lessons and even gives advice to future generations. This is a story you will want to hear!

Generation Caribou

Angie shared memories of her childhood and experiences with her family. We talked about her outlook on life and how working hard is her big priority.

Dean Zaidan and Kate Zaidon

Dean Zaidan (61) talks with his daughter, Kate Zaidan (36), about the drive and risks he took to open his store, Dean's Mediterranean Imports, which Kate now runs. Dean tells Kate about his path that led him from Lebanon to...

A Vignette of Vietnam

My name is Peter Tran and I interviewed my mother Kate Phan. We discuss my mother's relatioship between Vietnam and America throughout her past more than 40 years. She recalls the difficult life she had growing up and the opportunity...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

My grandma was not as driven to do things as she was before. She is a very loyal and caring woman. She is loving , smart and committed. She wants the world to think about what they do and generally...

my mom

My mom and I had a very great conversation. I learned a lot about how important her family and our family has been for both of us.

Olivia interview on mom

I interview my mom on her childhood and her thanksgiving meaning

Just a Thought

We interviewed our Grandmother, Constance McLindon. She worked at the National Science Foundation and was the only woman in such a high position. Constance worked closely with Bob Con and Vint Surf and was very successful in everything she did.

Kate Kemper and Martha Kemper

Mother and daughter Martha (60) and Kate Kemper (26) discuss Kate finding out she had a brain tumor, Kate graduating from school as an architect, traveling to Spain, and accessibility.