My Hearing Loss Journey

I interviewed my mom, Stacy Dunn, she is 43 and I am her first born. I asked her about how she found out about my hearing loss.

Alexis Bara and Ben Bara

Alexis Bara (30) shares a conversation with her spouse, Ben Bara (32), about Ben’s diagnosis of depression, his symptoms, how depression has changed him, and how he is feeling now.

Chris Rowland- ADHD Diagnosis

Chris talks about how his ADHD diagnosis impacted him.

Carlos Briceño, Jill Briceño, and Alexus Jones

Carlos Briceño (56) and his wife Jill Briceño (43) talk with their daughter, Alexus Jones (24) about how Huntington's Disease has affected their family. Jill and Alexus share their experiences with Huntington's Disease, talk about their ways of coping with...

Kenji Kawasaki and Kristen Kawasaki

Kenji Kawasaki (55) and his wife Kristen Kawasaki (36) reflect on Kenji's diagnosis with cancer in early 2020, his treatment at both The Floating Hospital and at a hospital in Japan, and his journey towards recovery. Kristen and Kenji also...

My Mom, Pat Ann Hatfield

I had asked my mother to write me letters for myself during motherhood and my children (biological and adopted), but her sickness progressed faster than expected. We chose to record it, so here it is.

Wolf Problems

Learning how to understand the body you live in with a lupus diagnosis

Scott Kehoe and Amy Novit

Scott (51 y.o.) and Amy (51 y.o.) talk about the loss of their child to cancer, their experience as parents dealing with terminal illness, sibling support, and hospice care.

Cinzia Bishop and Chiara Moore

Sisters Cinzia Bishop (28) and Chiara Moore (30) talk about Cinzia's experience being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 25. Cinzia talks about how she experiences her MS and how she has advocated for herself and encourages others with MS...

James Brasic and Jack Goodman

Dr. James "Jim" Brasic (73) shares a conversation with his friend and mentee, medical student, Jack Goodman (24), as they discuss the changes in the medical field and medical school.

Deborah Potter and Winona Bonnlander

Deborah Potter (52) shares a conversation with her daughter, Winona Bonnlander (23), about neurodivergence, Winona’s experiences in the school system, trauma, and about some of the people who were kind to Winona during that time.

Jennifer Meredith and Larry Zarzecki

Friends Jennifer Meredith (48) and Larry Zarzecki (59) talk about their friendship, Larry's experience with Parkinson's Disease, and how he overcame a life-changing accident.

James Bang and Adriane Bang

James "Rusty" Bang (38) and his wife, Adriane Bang (39), talk about his health challenges and his late father.

Annette Nielsen and Tina Arnoldi

Annette Nielsen (56) talks with her good friend Tina Arnoldi (40) about how her diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis had changed her life.

Stacey Rosenberger and Fred Rosenberger

Stacey (45) and Fred Rosenberger (41) remember the difficulties of explaining Stacey’s cancer diagnosis to their daughter, Olivia. Stacey and Fred remembers all the techniques they used to explain Stacey’s illness to Olivia.

Joanna Fix and Forrest Fix

Joanna Fix (54) and her husband Forrest Fix (66) come together to reflect on Joanna's experience living with early-onset Alzheimer's, their love and support for one another, and their dedication to "living well."

Pushing Through

How her diagnosis has caused her to struggle but she pushed through.