The Suprising Life of a Dad
December 4, 2017 App Interview

Ups and downs in life can make an interesting story. On November of 2017 Ian Kim interviews his dad Yong Ho Kim about his early High School life. The story takes place from 1984 in South Korea, and it shows...

“Discipline, discipline, discipline”

In this Interview, Jermaine Thomas Bethea (16) interviews Rose Parrish(63), his guardian who may as well be his mother, on November 25th, 2018. Rose is Jermaine's cousin who was proud to raise him since the age of two but may...

interview with mom

we talked about her past and her present

Interviewing my grandmother about her childhood.

I asked my grandmother about her childhood, what her life was like, and how it was different from now.

Chandler’s interview with my great- great aunt

In my interview me and my great- great talked about her childhood and how it was different back then to now. We also talked about her different jobs she had down in south and when she moved to Michigan.

A piece of interview with my host dad

The difference he think it is between American and Britain and the experience he had

FP Art of Listening

Sitting down with Australian native Matthew Leary to talk about the hot topic of culture shock