Grishma Shah, Reveca Torres, and Matt Lauterbach

Reveca Torres (34) talks with her co-directors, Matt Lauterbach (36) and Grishma Shah (33) about founding a film festival for people with disabilities. They talk about their inspirations and Matt finds out that Grishma has a prosthetic limb.

How An Asset Helped Me Overcome A Challenge

In my interview, I talked about how I used my caring and patient personality to help a kid who was hard of hearing and had learning disabilities.

Kelly Rouba and Karen Palazzini

Kelly Rouba (30) talks to her friend Karen Palazzini (30) about learning to become an advocate for other people with juvenile diabetes, and what it’s like to live a normal life with a disability.

Anthony Tusler and Fran Osborne

Fran Osborne (55) interviews Anthony Tusler (68) about art. Anthony talks about disability art, photography and different artists he admires.

Becca and Torin Discuss ADHD

Becca S (19) talks with her friend, Torin R (20), about Torin's ADHD and discuss the ways it has affected her way of balancing academics, D1 sports, and personal life.

Aidan Gray and Robert Bell

Aidan Gray (16) interviews his grandfather Robert Bell (77) about his experiences as a father, grandfather, and scientist after contracting polio as young child.

Kelly Spain and Julie Kurek

Kelly Spain [no age given] speaks with her friend and husband's physician, Julie Kurek (44). Kelly talks about the symptoms her husband experiences, the challenges she's faced as a caregiver, and how her and her husband's relationship has evolved as...

Toya Williams and May Moe Tun

May Moe Tun (22) interviews her friend and colleague, Toya Williams (49), about her relationship with cooking, something she learned from her mother growing up. Toya also describes her journey navigating health and disability while reflecting on the importance of...

Tori Brasher-Weathers and Tamekia Jackson

Tori Brasher-Weathers (40) speaks with conversation partner and new friend Tamekia Jackson (37) about her experiences with and journey to motherhood.

Bradley Hicks and Sarah Hicks

Bradley Hicks (17) talks with his sister, Sarah Hicks (19) about growing up and living with Albinism.

Jeff Cato & Erik Wexler

Jeff has been blind since birth and has been a valuable member of the Providence Health team since graduating high school. He initially began his career in food services and has now transitioned to the IT team, where he plays...

Amanda & Ally

Friends Amanda (20) and Ally (20) delve into Ally's journey and experiences since her concussion five years ago.

Nilabhro Ghosal and Allison Matthews: Reflecting on the Effects of Disabilities, Growing Up and COVID-19

Nilabhro Ghosal(19) talks with close friend Allie Matthews(18) on the ups and downs of having disabilities, how Covid-19 has altered our life, and reminisce on the past and how we became friends.

Lily Lipman and Laisha Gonzalez

Colleagues Lily Lipman [no age given] and Laisha Gonzalez (21) reflect on their professional experiences at the Lincoln Center and how those experiences have been shaped by their disabilities and other social identities.

Victor Acevedo and Ajax Greene

One Small Step partners Victor Acevedo (61) and Ajax Greene (66) discuss understanding LGBTQ identities as straight cis men, whether businesses should take political stands, and their fears around aging and disability.

Archie Hamilton and Kathryn Healy

One Small Step conversation partners Archie "Wayne" Hamilton (47) and Kathryn Healy (64) connect on their enjoyment of Shakespeare, the importance of everyone's unique story, and having as well as advocating for people with disabilities.

Keke Phooko and Bridget Lynch

Friends Keke Phooko (34) and Bridget Lynch (21) discuss their shared experiences as volunteers for Innisfree Village and migrants to the United States.

Jessica Winowich and Rebekah Tucker

Friends Jessica Winowich (38) and Rebekah Tucker (39) talk about the first time they met, issues around accessibility, Jessica's fashion, and the challenges that come with managing autonomy while living with a physical disability.

The shaping of Susan Fisher’s life and her empathetic past.

Conducted in Santa Cruz, California, student Kayla Penny (age 15) interviews Susan Fisher (age 45) about a childhood story and the effect it had on Susan’s future. Fisher shares her story of dealing with individuals troubled with mental health such...

Origins of the #CripTheVote movement with the founders and co-partners: Gregg Beratan, Andrew Pulrang, and Alice Wong

The 2016 election was unprecedented in more ways than one. This oral history recalls the origins of #CripTheVote, a nonpartisan online movement activating and engaging disabled people on policies and practices important to the disability community. Created at the beginning...

Up and Downs of Raising Four Children

Nancy Herzog describes her life as a mother, raising four children all with different biological fathers. She talks about the hardships of raising a child with a disability.


Kim talks about her experiences with stereotypes around having a disability