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Emily speaks to Karin

Professor Karin Boxer speaks with Emily about disabilities and disability representation.

Jim Copeland and Edward Kaul

Colleagues Edward "Ed" Kaul (64) and Jim Copeland (70) discuss their careers working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They reflect on the changes they have seen in the way people with disabilities are treated and the changes that...

Barbara Fried and Leigh Sato

Longtime family friends Barbara Fried (87) and Leigh Sato (61) discuss the founding of Innisfree Village and how its challenges, ideals, and opportunities have evolved over time.

Amber Christ and Teresa Nguyen

Research collaborators Amber Christ (43) and Teresa Nguyen (35) talk about their personal paths to aging and disability advocacy, respectively, and their current collaboration to intersect the two fields into one research study. They also share how these topics relate...

Persevering Through Sudden Hearing Loss: The Resilient Story of Mary Jo Stanley

Nikki Gefteas interviews her new friend Mary Jo Stanley about her experience with sudden hearing loss and how being faced with a life altering event has taught her how to adapt. In this interview, Mary Jo discusses her experience with...

Stephanie Wheeler and Christina Ripp-Schwab

Friends and Olympians Stephanie Wheeler (39) and Christina Ripp-Schwab (40) share memories of how they became involved in wheelchair basketball, talk about competing in the Olympics, and also discuss the future of their sport.