Desiree Duncker (21) spoke with her mutual friend, Collin Wehr (21) about his personal experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. They go over various topics, including how he was affected, what he'll miss, and what his attitudes are now, regarding the...

Dario Morell and Dario Morell

Dario Morell (57) talks with son Dario Gabriel Morell “Gabriel” (20) about coming to the U.S. at the age of ten, and their visit to Cuba 47 years later to meet long-lost family.

"Exhilarating liberation:" The theatrical and life experiences of Grace Januchowski, recorded in an interview with her aunt, Marya McCarroll

In this interview, conducted on November 10, 2021, Dr. Marya McCarroll, 49, interviews her niece, Grace Januchowski, 18, about her experiences growing up and as an adolescent in 2021. Ms. Januchowski shares her experiences with her parents, school, working, dating,...