Don Atkins: Growing Up in Rural Minnesota & Enlisting in the Navy (1935-1948)

Donald W. Atkins talks to daughter Michelle Atkins about growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota in the 1930s. Interview recorded in 2008 as part of the inaugural National Day of Listening.

Garett Knight with his boyfriend Trenton Buckelew

Garett Knight (16) talks with his boyfriend Trenton "Trent" Buckelew (17) and learns more about Trent. Garett learns more about Trent than he thought he would. Best time segment: 0:30-3:30

Cyndi Farley and Daniel Farley

Spouses, Cyndi Farley (60) and Daniel "Dan" Farley (67), share their love story, reminisce about the many adventures they have had together, and remember JJ, who was Cyndi's first husband and Daniel's close friend.

Diana Holdridge, Heather Holdridge, and James Holdridge

Diana Holdridge (79) reflects on how she felt when both of her children, Heather Holdridge (48) and James "Jim" Holdridge (47), came out to her. Heather and Jim talk about their father's reaction and they share what they have learned...

The Crazy Old Lady That Raised Me

Today I talked with my grandma; she is currently 59 years old. We talked about how she had a rough childhood with an alcoholic father and mother who didn't show any compassion or love. Her grandparents owned a farm where...

Dario Rodriguez and Melinda Rodriguez

Newlyweds Melinda (26) and Dario (27) interview each other about how they never thought they would end up marrying each other, falling in love, how they have learned to be patient with each other, and the challenge they recently faced...

Regina Beach and Craig Andrews

Regina Beach (32) has a conversation with her partner Craig Andrews (37) about their relationship journey.

Jane Estes and Bob Estes

Spouses Jane Estes (49) and Bob Estes (57) share a conversation about their relationship, the adversities they have overcome, and how their partnership has changed over time.

Sarah Compton and Morgan Zipf-Meister

Morgan Zipf-Meister (39) interviews Sarah Compton (49) about her ex-husband Scott Flack and his experience in the military and struggles with mental health.

Zena Zendejas and Imani Parkinson

Partners Zena Zendajas (31) and Imani Parkinson (28) discuss their relationship, how it began, and the things that make their partnership important to each of them.

Nora Ivers and Patrick Ivers

Patrick and Nora remember funny stories about how they met and getting married. Nora shares a funny story about getting two moving violations while driving a Ford Maverick from Arizona to upstate New York.

Caroline Wilkerson and Robby Espano

Caroline Wilkerson (21) and her boyfriend, Robby Espano (21), discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their relationship, their family lives, and their lives as students.