Coronavirus: Pedro Hernandez

Senior student responds to some controversial questions about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Coronavirus opinion interview with a 6th grader

Interviewing a middle schooler about how they feel about the coronavirus pandemic

Covid-19 Interview

We talk about how this country has been affected by the pandemic. We also talk about personal opinions.

Interview with Susan
November 25, 2017 App Interview

A basic interview with my grandmother about her personal and professional life. This was done for TheGreatListen2017 I apologize for the audio being horrendous, we did not have the best resources at our disposal in terms of phone mics.

Living with Diabetes

Camryn and Morgan (roommates in college) sit down and talk about experiences and feelings about living with diabetes in college. They describe how it’s changed their lives and how it affects their view on society

Distancing-for a good purpose

Anna Jiang is a current 7th grader who had been affected by the ongoing social distancing that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic

Corona virus interview

My sister and I talk about how the quarantine affected her

Tretalogy of Fallot

Ashely Cox discusses the impact that a disease had on her childhood.

Nani’s Interview

Some topics discussed are the immigration experience of my grandmother, Nani, from India to America and some points about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Service Learning Project

Covid-19 and it's effects during the past year

Saving Lives, One GI Tract at a Time

Medicine is in my family’s blood. My name is Ethan Edelstein, I am 14 years old, and I interviewed Susan Edelstein, who is my mother. We recorded this interview in Beverly Hills, California. My mother is a pediatric gastroenterologist who...

3/20/2020 Vaccine-Preventable Diseases with Grandma

My grandma and I discussed what she thought about antivax people and how vaccines have affected her life. As well as how she thinks the government should provide vaccines.

Willie Hensley and Angela Marith

Willie, a native Alaskan Iñupiaq, speaks with Angela about how the influx of Russians, Europeans and Americans into Alaska has had on their culture, health and livelihood. Outsiders unintentionally brought diseases decimating much of the native Alaskan populations. Unable to...


My Grandfather continues to talk about his life but he is scared to open up which I assumed. The thing I like is he hints us with important factors that answer presvious questions. 8:25 he starts talking about my grandma...

My Experience as An “Essential Worker”

I interview my mom on her experience at SEPTA as an essential, and what she thinks of Covid-19 as a whole.

Ray Gorney and Elizabeth Caruso (Covid Interview)

Ray Gorney and Elizabeth Caruso talk about the effect of Covid on their family and they got through it.

Changing patterns

A girl talks about how she was diagnosed with the rare disorder 3MCC as a baby, and the impact that it had on her life.


I talked with Dhara about her experience with Lyme disease and everything she has learned in the process.