Open hands with Jana Dickman

Jana Dickman tells some of her essential story after returning to The United States from Indonesia in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our conversation includes her experience teaching abroad when COVID-19 began, being evacuated from Southeast Asia in Spring...

Cassandra Gentry and Karen Gray

Karen Gray (59) has a conversation with her friend Cassandra Gentry (68) about their role as grandparents, the challenges supporting children with school homework during the pandemic, and some of the things that have changed in their routines.

My #3 Interviewee

We talk about how Stevie is coping with distance learning and not going to am actual college campus.

Balancing a family and a career in healthcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Balancing children and a career as a single mother during Covid-19. The importance of having a support system to get through the pandemic.