Richard Munassi and Linda Olson

Richard Munassi (39) shares a conversation with his colleague Linda Olson (52) about the founding of Tampa Bay Wave, the work the organization does, and the future of the tech industry in Tampa.

Jessica Smith and Kenneth Fassel

[Recorded: Tuesday, December 14, 2021] Jessica Smith and Kenneth Fassel have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They talk about how their family backgrounds have shaped their lives, mental health issues, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace,...

Phil Boss and Jen Guinea

Phil talks with Jen about his long career, and how his personal value of justice impacts all he does. They dicsuss racism, diversity, health equity and how he has grown over the years (and how Providence has grown).

Amber Booth-McCoy and Donald Wood

Colleagues Amber Booth-McCoy (35) and Donald Wood (43) share a conversation about race, equity, and identity, and about what they have learned from one another and how they have grown as a result of their friendship and their working relationship...