Interview With Jordan Levenberg: “Meeting the Sisters I Never Knew I Had”

Jordan Levenberg talks about their experience contacting their biological sisters for the first time at age 15.

Alexis Creamer, Chelsey Carter, and Brett Maricque

Friends Alexis Creamer (27), Chelsey Carter (33), and Brett Maricque (35) talk about their work on the Black Genome Project. They reflect on the importance of grounding science in community, creating avenues for Black folks to heal, and more deeply...

The Oldest of Seven

Lois Hely was born May 17, 1950 in Darby, Pennsylvania. In this interview with oral historian Susan Scott Peterson, she tells the story of a family secret her mother kept for decades.

"I had no idea I'd be working for NASA. I thought they just needed engineers and astronauts!" A conversation with Lovorka Degoricija.

Next Generation Sequencing Scientist Dr. Lovorka Degoricija works on NASA's GeneLab Project where she studies biology that changes in the environment of space. She extracts DNA from spaceflight samples that have been returned to Earth and processes them so sequencing...

Melody Fawcett, Nathan Blunt, Hilary Rajchel

Melody met her cousins, Nathan and Hilary about ten years ago as a result of genealogy research. They come together today to share what brought them to their searches and the impact it had on them and the family.

John Quackenbush and Mary Kalamaras

John Quackenbush (49) tells his wife Mary Kalamaras (50) why he became a physicist, how he started to work in the Human Genome Project, where he currently is professionally, and what he hopes his greatest legacy will be.