All about Roxie

Rhonda Lee gets a quarantine dog, and three generation of girls share their thoughts on the purchase.

Theater Interview

In this interview, I got a chance to hear about what Bryce was most thankful for in life and what some of his best moments thus far have been. He was able to reflect on his positive influences as well...


Me and Catherine talked about her neighborhood as she walks he dog. Sharing her stress and worry and being wrapped in a familiar and comfortable environment

Faith Wargo and Maximus Pierce

My dog and her story as a part of my life

A Miracle Waiting To Happen

A short story about a boy and his four legged bestfriend helping him overcome the loss of his freind.

Sandy & the ravens, Ted Mullin – 9/17/17

Ted Mullin remembers his dog Sandy, and the ravens in Colorado.

Interview with Dominic Tullio

Dominic talks about his childhood back in ohio and what his life would look like without his thirteen year old dog louis

Buying? Or Adopting?

Let's talk about how you think about adopting dogs, or buying dogs. Let's adopt dogs and give them a home and a family.

Brother’s Interview

He is very grateful for his family. Marcelino loves his dog.

Kitchen chat

My wife and I meander our way through a ridiculous conversation while she prepares a snack.

Mom and I

My mother’s life as a teen and kid, and moments she remembers in life.

Soprano on her head

I ask my neighbor about her dog, singing, yoga, and how she found all those things in her life.

Dog rescue and life advice

Chris (40) explains how she started her own cleaning business. She then talks about her volunteer work with the dog rescue. She shares advice about raising kids and dogs, with some inspiring words for the future. There are twelve dogs...

Jillians story

We talked about her memories and people that were there for her