“It’s always good to have a buddy that you can talk to.”

Danny McWilliams is a veteran officer with the police department in Baytown, Texas. When he's not in that role serving the community, Danny keeps busy training dogs. Earlier this year, he started The Thin Blue Line Dog Project to help...

Zainab Hashem and Alta Schwartz

Friends and colleagues from the ALIF Institute, Zainab Hashem (48) and Alta Schwartz (50), talk about Zainab's immigration to the United States from Iraq. The central topic is Zainab's determination to bring her dog, Tito, to the United States and...

Randy Miller and Teresa Miller

Randy Miller (69) and his wife, Teresa Miller (68), talk about leaving their home in Kansas to move and retire in Fort Myers, Florida.

Life with Cody. :)

I interviewed my step brother. He didn’t have much to say but he enjoyed it.

Coco Lowman interviewing Pat Lowman in Birmingham Michigan

In this interview, conducted on May 15th, 2022 in Birmingham, Michigan, Coco Lowman (13) interviews Pat Lowman (45) about his childhood memory’s living in Metro Detroit, traveling all around the world, and creating his own stainless steel business that he...

Dennis Johnson Dead Dog and Cat poop stories

Dad tells the stories of growing up about what happened with his brother, Gary, had an encounter with Marilyn's cat. He also tells the story of when he and Shirley found the dead dog on the road.

A Man Who Loves His Dog

John Mark is my uncle. He has a head injury from a ladder falling on him when he was a carpenter, and he can no longer work due too diablity. He talks about the 6 months spent in jail, and...

Verity explains the Christmas elf and new dog oreo

Verity loves Oreo and the elf and was describing both of these. A purple stuffy that her best friend Molly gave her also got in the mix. doing this instead of the normal bedtime story the mix. doing this instead...

Interview with Nini Bedi

This is an interview with Avanni Bedi, my friend and classmate. We talked about many things including hobbies and travels.

Fear of men’s best friend

A 4 years old refugee boy from Eritrea got bite a dog with rabies and this incident change his whole thoughts on dog

A Miracle Waiting To Happen

A short story about a boy and his four legged bestfriend helping him overcome the loss of his freind.

Faith Wargo and Maximus Pierce

My dog and her story as a part of my life

All about Roxie

Rhonda Lee gets a quarantine dog, and three generation of girls share their thoughts on the purchase.

Theater Interview

In this interview, I got a chance to hear about what Bryce was most thankful for in life and what some of his best moments thus far have been. He was able to reflect on his positive influences as well...

Mom and I Interview

My mom, Elena Pappas-Schils is interviewed. We talk about a variety of things like pets, the future, places, etc.

Patty Devery and Justin Cummins

One Small Step conversation partners Patty (40) and Justin (32) have a conversation about their recent weddings, dogs, and families. They bond over both getting married recently and having connections to Chicago. Justin describes his large wedding in Savannah, while...