Transitioning from Duke University to the NFL 1972 – 1973

Ernest Jackson played defense back and running back as a senior for Duke University in 1971. He is the is the only player to win ACC offense player of the week and ACC defense player of the week in the...

Grandad Ira's view on selective service.

For a school assignment I needed to interview my grandfather and ask him some questions about the draft for Vietnam, he never served but hes always been an opinionated man so I figured his interview would be very interesting.

Grandfather interviewed about Vietnam era issues

This is a conversation with my Grandfather Fred Stidman about his experiences during the Vietnam war era when he was a college and then medical student (Johnson County Junior College, University of Kansas, and KU Med). During that tumultuous time,...

An interview with Grandpa Charleston about the Vietnam War

My grandpa talks about his experience with being drafted in the war and how he felt about the United States being involved in the war.

Almost Drafted.

Pop, my grandfather, talked about how he almost got drafted, and how his family felt, and where they sent him to test if he was army material.

“I was drafted into the US army at age 20”

“My tank was severely broken and instead of giving up, I became the cooking sergeant.” On January 6th, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, Caroline Rehder sat down with her grandfather, Greg Palmer, to hear his experiences from being drafted into...

Russ Greene on Returning from Military Service in 1968

Father talks about his military service, and what it was like to get involved in 1968 politics after his return.

Army Baseball

My dad tells the story of being drafted during Vietnam with a young family, and of his sports career in Germany that resulted.

Interview with Grandpa

Jack Toney (age 15) interviews his grandfather David for a few minutes in his past.

Raymond Stattel and Theresa Stattel

Theresa Stattel (53) interviews her father, Raymond Stattel (93), about his time in the Air Force and his experience witnessing test blasts for the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project.

My brother’s Vietnam draft letter

A brief remembrance if the day my brother opened his draft letter.

Basement talks

Interviewing the man who developed the guidance systems that put men in space.

The Vietnam Experience

Gary Terry was in the Army for 2 years in Vietnam. This is his story of the experience he had before, during, and after the war.

Interview with Rosemary Berry
November 24, 2022 App Interview

My name is Brady Berry and I'm 13 years old. I interviewed Rosemary Berry, my grandmother, and she is 74 years old. We had a great conversation about lots of things like family, marriage and the draft for the Vietnam...

Interview with Dad

We talked about life and hopes; about his work life, relationship with family, and briefly about the loss of Bonnie, his daughter

Brent Carter Interview

Interview of my Grandfather regarding his life, and specifically his diving career.

"Don't Volunteer"! Just kidding…

Thomas was drafted and served with distinction, but he never signed up for that life!