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“Basic training turned me into a man a lot quicker” – Dan Greene

I, Harris Coffin did this interview with Dan Greene, my grandfather, in Athens, GA on December 29, 2019. I interviewed him about his life as a veteran. He was drafted when he was 19 years old, in college and he...

Dennis Lynn Russell Feb 12 1947

Dennis Russell 75 talks about his childhood through being drafted and finally being a city planner for Green Bay, Minneapolis, and more.

The life of John Galindo

We start out with the childhood of my grandfather John Galindo. He lived his first 8 years with his grandmother in Arizona until she died of cancer. After that he lived with his mother until the age of 15 when...

Growing up in Macedonia and starting fresh in the United States.
December 6, 2021 App Interview

This interview was made by me, Alexander Smilevski, 16, on November 28, and I interviewed my father, Kiril Smilevski, 51. My father was born in the country of Macedonia in a city known as Skopje which used to be called...

"I didn't have a choice, so I chose the Marines"

John was drafted during the Vietnam War, he didn't have many choices but he did have one, and for him it was the US Marines!

“I wanted nothing to do with the war”

This is a story of my grandfather who lived in Kansas at the time of the Vietnam war, and how he was able to avoid the draft. He watch his fraternity brothers get drafted into the war where some of...

A Chat With Grandma

Learning the life of Linda Fengler. Listening about her wonderful life from the start of her childhood, where she lived, her favorite memories, teen life, work life, and her life now.