Donna West and Ryan Shinn

One Small Step partners Donna West (68) and Ryan Shinn (44) go down memory lane reflecting on the their experiences with their faith, community, and work that shaped them today.

Customizable Guns

In general, Customizable guns seem to be a more advanced option than the base version. It is because the elements used in this variant seem to be cringing. So, many people opt to personalize guns on their own. Or else,...

Randy Tobias and Stefani Priskos

Stefani Priskos (26) speaks with Randy Tobias (61) about his involvement in the Triangle Threshold Singers, a group that sings for individuals on the threshold of living and dying in North Carolina. This conversation was held via Zoom due to...

Joshua Gilmour and Killion [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Joshua Gilmour (39) and Killion [No Name Given] (56) talk about religion, agnosticism, tenacity, political moderation, and the common good.

Kate Freeman and Kim Banker

Kate Freeman (52) talks with her niece Kim Banker (36) about Kate’s Navy service, the 18 months she spent in Botswana serving in the Peace Corps, and how her Peace Corps experiences changed her. Kate now wants to go back...