Penelope LePome and Mary Avery

Penelope LePome (77 ) and Mary Avery (63) discuss California geopolitics, the pressures of being a public official, and the impacts of Covid 19 on their respective communities.

"I want to change the world with what we do, not do it for myself." an interview with Christopher Hain

Chris Hain from the Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center helps turn NASA data into information that non-scientists can use. One of his big projects is monitoring plant stress from space, which can give farmers a 2-4 week early warning...

John Paul Dineen and Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett (59) interviews John Paul Dineen III (39) about how he started his own farm. He talks about learning how to farm, his family, his son's death on the farm, and what he is proud of.

CHRIS and COLLEEN discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Chris and Colleen talk about steps their community in Northern California has taken to prepare for climate emergency. They discuss the impacts of power cuts in the region and how people are preparing for them in the future, community initiatives...

Lauren and Audeline Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

We talked about how Sydney residents are handling water shortages and droughts, which have been a major issue for the past decade or so. We also discussed how younger people are taking action.

Amy Coulliette and Richard Allen

Amy Coulliette (51) interviews her father, Richard Allen (70), about his childhood in the Tunas, Missouri, his experience serving in the U.S. Navy, his retirement in the Ozarks region, and the characters that he has met along the way.

"Choosing the Science of Decision-Making" an interview with Roger Pulwarty and Michael Hayes

Why do people feel they way they do about issues? Why do lawmakers and policy leaders seemingly act against their better interests? And how can information be developed in a way that leads not just to greater understanding, but to...