My grandmothers story of perseverance and resilience in America

Hello, my reflection was based upon various interviews I had with my grandmother, a 70 year old woman who found perseverance and resilience through her journey of being an immigrant in America.

Jon del Rosario and Maddy Deal

[Recorded: Tuesday, November 9th, 2021] Jon del Rosario and Maddy Deal have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville. Jon shares about his childhood growing up in Virginia Beach and how he has more recently started following politics with his...

Jessica Smith and Kenneth Fassel

[Recorded: Tuesday, December 14, 2021] Jessica Smith and Kenneth Fassel have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They talk about how their family backgrounds have shaped their lives, mental health issues, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace,...


Ethan talks about how he was never good at organized sports so he wanted to share that it is important for people like him and other people like him to find creative outlets such as skateboarding, surfing, and riding bikes...

Humanistic Psychology

What is humanistic psychology and how it benefits the world around us.

Mental Health Supports in Education from a Teacher’s Perspective

Grace McNeeley, a current student studying education at the University of Akron, and Bambi Berger, the school counselor at Akron Early College High School, discuss mental health supports and the changing prevalence of mental health awareness in education.

A Reflection of Interactions Within Health – Perspectives of a Black Woman

This interview reflected on a black women’s experience with their personal interactions within healthcare and how it affected their personal life.

Karen Colton and Amy Smith

[Recorded Monday, February 21, 2022] Karen (58) and Amy (62) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed motherhood, military service, health, and media literacy.

Jaxon Arnette Interview

Me and Hadix talked about his interests a lot. We bonded a lot over musicals.

Interview with a 911 call taker
November 15, 2021 App Interview

An interview with my mother about how taking 911 calls for Denver has affected her.

Life During the Pandemic: Lillian Xuan Cullen

After living through a pandemic since March 2020, five people share their unique experiences and how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their lifestyle, mental health, physical health, views, etc.

A Mother, A Warrior

A look into the life of a mother who has struggled with previous miscarriages, addictions, and struggles in her life and how she handles her day-to-day.

An interview with me mum

An interview with my mom discussing the difference in generations, mental health, and lgbt topics

The Effect of Media on People during the Pandemic, speaking with a Psychotherapist

Today, I got the chance to speak with my aunt, Dr. Karen Kaiser, a psychotherapist of 34 years about the effects media has on people in general and especially during a pandemic. She gives advice on how to keep your...

October 22, 2020 App Interview

Alexeez and her friend Corrina talked about struggles and memories they’ve both gone through.

Mental illness

My grandfather's outlook on mental illness.

Oral Coronavirus project

Interviewed my brother about the coronavirus

My aunt’s experience with ADHD as an adult.

My aunt discusses her struggles growing up undiagnosed with ADHD, and her experiences as an adult.

An Interview with my Mom

I talk with my mom about her life, focusing on her experience going back to work and adjusting to other major life changes. In the context of her current job as a school nurse, we also discuss mental health issues...

Much More in 16 Years

In this interview, Ruby Doran (16), interviews her mother Susan Doran (49), about what it was like to raise her, and how her mental health struggles had affected her mom.

Covid 19 interview 2

Discussion on the impact of coronavirus on personal health and family dynamic