McKenna Wangen and Isabella DiOrio

Bells (19) talks with their friend about their experiences with covid-19 and its impacts on their life and society.

Randall Lorenz recalls his experience in the U.S. military.

Librarian Suzanne Malek interviews Randall Lorenz regarding his experience/memories of his time in the U.S. military.

Lindsay Campbell and Karen Woodworth conversation

Karen Woodworth of Parchment Community Library and Lindsay Campbell, Kindleberger Summer Festival alum, share memories of the Festival and discuss plans for the 40th Festival Anniversary and Oral History project.

Interview with my grandpa over his experience in the 1960s

John Nay (75) talks with his grand-daughter Lauren Carr (17) about his experience in the 1960's, finishing off on the intense traumatic experiences from fighting in the Vietnam War.

Holden Shumate and Dr. Shirin Khosropour

Holden Shumate (myself), a student from the University of Akron, and Dr. Khosropour, a professor at Austin Community College in Texas, Director of the Center of Peace and Conflict Studies Program, and much, much more discuss her life in Iran...

How Divorce, Betrayal, and Loneliness Led to Overwhelming Love!

In this interview we talked about her relationship with her parents and how it has changed now and we also talked about when she felt the most alone. We then went on to talk about how illness has affected her...

Journey through the Pandemic

Patricia Cordero (46) talks with her daughter, Jeleni Fernandez (20) about her experience during the Pandemic and how it affected her with work, school, and relationships. The conversation goes into depth on how strong she had to be for her...

The Life and Evolution Of Judy Garvey pt 1

In this interview I ask my grandmother questions about her life and how times have changed. We go over her falling in love, losing loved ones, her battle with cancer, how things are different from when she was a kid,...

Jennie Liu and Edward Liu

My father, Edward Liu, is a hardworking man who grew up in a poor family. Wanting to change his life, Edward started his own company after high school and earned all his tuition fees and a plane ticket to the...

Quin + Tiago Chat About Global

Quin Buisch (22) interviews Tiago Noce (22) about our time at LIU global and our friendship over the years.

My Interview of Carrie's Life

For my interview, I asked my friend Carrie some questions about her experience in the past few years and her family. through all this I found I knew my friend better and Carrie has a really unique view of life.

Daisy and Momo

Daisy and her dear senior school classmate Momo talked about their senior school life, happy childhood and college life.

Abraham Alvarado & Alex Alvarado

Alex Alvarado (54) talks about their family and his time in the military with his child Abraham Alvarado. (19)

Gene Cook Interview

Gene Cook, aged 90, talks about his life, passions and what he's learned during his time on this spinning rock.

Kevin H interviews his mother

Kevin interviews his mother about her experiences during the pandemic

Song Lin:a woman police officer

Interviewer: Daisy Interviewee: Song LinSong LinOccupation: Police Age: 37 Gender: Female

Josh and Lillian Cooper talk about the American dream.

Josh Cooper (18) Lillian Cooper (78) are a grandmother and grandson discussing the American dream particularly as it pertains to women.

Elijah Wiseman and Diana D.

Elijah Wiseman (17) and Diana D. talk about her life growing up in America and what members of her family meant to her.

Immigrant Stories from my Mom, and Aunt

High School Junior Justin Tang (17) has a chat with his Mom and Aunt about the differences of living in China in the 90s, and the US, as well as the Chinese society and government.

Keely Arnold: An Interview With My Grandmother, Julie Krebser

Hello, my name is Keely Arnold, and this is an interview with grandmother, Julie Krebser. This interview focuses on the following topic: "How Has Adolescence Change Since You We're A Child To Now?"