Gayle Raskin and Isabella Gonzalez

Gayle Raskin (65) talks to new acquaintance Isabella Gonzalez (26) about her abortions. Gayle reflects on the support she received from those around her, on how she has thought about her experiences in the years since, and on the current...

"I witnessed it so that stuck with me until this day"

Here we talk about a close friend that was involved with drug abuse. Hello how are you doing today? I’m doing good. My name is Jy’Asia and I'm going to be interviewing you on a friend or family member who...

Story corps interview with Nate Morell
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Tess: My name is Theresa DiMona and I am 18 years old and today is November 9th and I’m speaking with Nate Morell who is my social club advisor and we are recording this interview in Galloway, NJ. So, Nate...

People know that drugs are dangerous, but people do them for the emotional high first, and the addiction comes later

Subject B talks about her experience with losing a past friend who she had graduated high school with. Rhian: “So who is it in relation to you that you’ve lost to drugs?” Subject B: “Um it was like, he was...

Interview (2): "I didn't even know what the truth was anymore"

Jen: “The next person that I will be interviewing is someone close to me personally. She has been in a long-term relationship with someone has struggled with addiction and is now in recovery. In fact, she is the girlfriend of...

Grace Nagel and Susan Gallagher

Grace Nagel (32) shares a conversation with her mother, Susan Gallagher (62), about mindfulness meditation, mental health, the COVID-19 pandemic, the various adaptations of Frank Herbert’s Dune, and about how grateful they are for one another.

Stigma of mental illness/Media representation part 2

An interview with Manny Martinez about the stigma of mental illness and media representation.

Jason James

Jason James Who was the person misusing drugs or alcohol in your family? My best friend drake. He misused and abused the use of alcohol. He was an alcoholic and it didn’t only affect our friendship but also his relationship...

Lindsey Mabe and Peg Smith

Lindsey Mabe (28) talks with her mother, Peg Smith (61), about her father, whose struggle with mental health caused him to take his own life, and how she's learning to cope with her own diagnosis of Bipolar 1 Disorder.

“No matter what she did or how much she loved him she wasn’t able to save him”

A sister shares memory of her brother one year after she found him alone in his apartment in critical condition. He passed away a few days later in the hospital after he and his family made the mutual decision to...

"I see a lot of sadness which I turn into personal gratitude for the gift of sobriety"

Missy Middlesworth works for Atlantic County Prevention Center where she explains the types of programs her facility offers to help anyone who is suffering from any type of substance use disorder. Missy is here to help people out there and...

Cops:behind the scenes

Jo- When inmates come into jail what does the jail to prepare for withdrawals when the go through them? Sgt. Bartelloni- There is no preparation but you have policy and procedure that if someone is identified that is actually going...

"The strongest people even need help sometimes"

My name is Nikolle Vollmer and im interviewing subject c, for the storycorps project, this subject also wants to remain unanimous, now remember at any point in this interview if you want to stop or not answer anything this is...

Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness

I interviewed my abuelita from my moms side of the family. We spoke on mental illnesses and talked about her perception of it. My mom was translating the questions so she could understand since she doesn't know much English. The...

“Kevin’s drug addiction, started in junior high, when he started to feel like an outcast.”

Georgia: Who is in relations to you that you have lost to drugs and how are you connected? Georgia’s Father: Boys name was Kevin, he was my friend’s son, who happened to be one year older than my son. My...

“It’s a domino affect, you have to help each other out in a family”

MYA: Who misused drugs in your family? MOM: My dad, your grandfather. MYA: How did their addiction begin? MOM: Being a little girl he played baseball and he joined a clubhouse. Every weekend they would have baseball games and we...

Brendan John and Barney John

Brendan John [no age given] talks to his father, Barney John [no age given], about Barney's experience growing up Catholic in Karachi, Pakistan. They reflect on the formation of their belief systems, their faith, and their family.

“Slamming the Stigma of Mental Illness”

This interview is between my dad and I about his view on mental illness for my thanksgiving assignment for my psychology class.

Erik Gray and Robin Miller

Erik Gray (30) and friend and colleague Robin Miller (49) have a conversation about how they met, their work within the anti-trafficking community, the sense of value in their chosen field and gaps in service provided to those violated in...

How marijuana ended up making things worse

My name is Nick, I want to thank you for joining me today and allowing me to interview you about your history of substance abuse. So, what was the substance of choice for you? For me it was marijuana for...