From Italy to America; Pasquale Capocci and Ashley Gasienica.

Ashley Gasienica interviews Pasquale Capocci on November 23,2017 in Schererville, Indiana in Pasquale’s house. Pasquale was born in Castel San Vincenzo, Italy. He grew up on a farm in the mountains where he worked from a very young age. He...

Ela interview

This interview is about Kevin and how he grew up and about his life

The Great Thanksgiving listen

I Interviewed my dad asking questions of his childhood, high school, college, marriage, and kids life experiences.

Interview with Linh Lam

Linh Lam talks about her childhood and how she feels about her life and children.

Dad’s interview

I asked my father general questions about his childhood as well as my own.

Growing up

This is about my mother when she was a child and her growing up.

“Moving to DC was one of the best decisions of my life. You make one decision in your life; and that was mine.”

Jessica’s grandmother reflected on her life and how one decision of going to D.C. affected the rest of Diane and Jessica’s lives.

Matt and I’s Interview
March 21, 2018 App Interview

Various questions about childhood, life and dreams.

The Great Listen by Anayely

This was a lot of fun and brings back memories.

Great Thanksgiving

We learned about the childhood of my mother along with learning who is important to her.


An interview with my mom mainly based on her childhood and life lessons.

Big Mama’s Story

We talked about my big mama's childhood. She never talks about growing up so it was good to hear her story.

Interviewing Henry: 05/05/2020

I asked Henry some questions- not to deep but ones I knew he could answer. Henry’s very shy but we have always been close. He is a sophomore at Chanhassen high school and has been through a lot with me...

An interview with My mom

Today I was interviewing my mom We talked about her life and how she grew up to be who she is.

Cameron Arne

We talked about my childhood and her childhood

Sally: my honored elder.

I asked my grandma about her childhood as I have never really gotten a chance to know about that. I also got to learn about her wishes and how she looks back on the questions a asked her.

Mom and son

We talked mostly about high school and her job in the navy. We also talked about our summers

Thanksgiving interview with grandma

We talked about my grandmothers childhood and adolescence.