Lillian Thompson’s Story Part 1

Lillian Thompson , age 101, is being interviewed by her daughter, Linda Smith. Lillian is talking about her Norwegian immigrant parents and her life growing up on a farm during the dust bowl and Great Depression.

How Two Hearts Met While Chasing the Harvest

Jack and Nancy met after both their families had moved to Bakersfield. They worked the fields and potato sheds with brothers and sisters. After marrying they settled and grew a business and a family together.

Katie Pina and Mario Navarro

One Small Step partners Katie Pina (36) and Mario Navarro (52) share a conversation about growing up, their families, their children, and the COVID-19 pandemic. They also talk about their frustrations with US politics, their perspectives on religion, and their...

Charlotte “Nammy” Taylor

Jenna Fisher, Lauren Martin, and Brandon Taylor interview their 85 year old grandmother. They grew up living next door to Nammy and Papa in Oklahoma. They ask her questions about hardship growing up in the panhandle of Oklahoma and turn...

Gramma Bee

Life and times of Gramma Bee. We explore her life homesteading as a girl in southern Colorado, we talk about her time working in the naval yards in Bremerton during WWII. We talk about bootlegging, life in Los Alamos, family...

Janice Hinton and Jack Jenkins

One Small Step conversation partners Janice "Jan" Hinton (73) and Jack "Jay" Jenkins (54) share about their personal backstories, how their politics were shaped, and about the difficulty of sharing political values.

Kendal Shaber and Mac Sheesley

Kendal Shaber (60) shares a conversation with her father’s friend, Mac Sheesley (97). They talk about Mac’s friendship with Kendal’s father, their time in World War II together, returning to Boise, and the role that Mac played in Kendal’s father’s...

A Glipse into The Past: A Grandmother’s Tale

What was the dust bowl to someone who lived through it? Betty Williams, age 88 tells her tale of her childhood.

Grandpa Berg

Life in Iowa starting from the dust bowl era, Berg family history

Amanda Wilson interviews her PaPa David Simpson about the Great Depression and the Space Race.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Homewood, Alabama, Amanda Wilson (16) interviews her grandfather, David Simpson (84). Dr. Simpson shares childhood memories of the Great Depression, stories of his involvement in Space Race, and explains his move from...

Clarence E. Smith and Robin Dormaier

Robin Dormaier (40) interviews her friend, Clarence E. Smith (96), about his family, experiences, earliest historical memories, and connection to the people and city of Almira, Washington.