Yung Nanay ko at Yung Nanay nya (My mom and her 'mom')

My mom's life growing up without her parents and being raised by her grandmother in the Philippines and how life was for her and her sister.

Interview with my mom

Asking questions about things that helped my mom grow as a person.

“Not to sweat the small stuff and pick your battles” ~Aimee Torio

My mom and I talk about her past and how the people closest to her affected her identity and how her mistakes and learning from those mistakes influenced the strong and brilliant woman that my mom came to be.

Mom’s childhood story.

Florentina talked about when she was young and working as a farmer at a really young age. She mentioned why she did not attend college because of not having enough money so she decided to work as a maid to...

Gina Gerhard’s experience

This interview focuses on Gina Gerhard’s experience living in the Philippines and immigrating to the United States.

Interview with Edwin Rumbaugh

In this interview Edwin Rumbaugh talks about his childhood in South Charleston, his grandparents, his happiest memory, different jobs, and his time in WWII.

Interview with My Dad

In this interview, I asked my dad questions about his childhood and his upcoming in Mindoro Philippines to his hard journey on making a living in the United States being the only sibling of his to immigrate to the country.

The Church and My Filipino Mom

We talked about my mom's experiences with the Catholic Church from when she was a little girl in the Philippines to now as a grandmother in the United States.

A man who is a husband, a father, and grandfather, shares what it was like to live in the Phillipines and the U.S.
November 24, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, recorded in Manhattan Beach, California, Florentino Vinzon (83) is interviewed by Jonny Nguyen (13). Florentino talks about what it was like living in the Philippines as a child, living in the U.S. as a filipino immigrant, fighting...

My mom, Mercedita

I interview my mom about coming to the US from the Philippines, her thoughts on religion, and being a parent.

My Aunt journey on becoming a US citizen

Kevin Antaran (17) interviews her aunt, Elenita Zapata (56) about her journey becoming a US citizen. She talks about how it changed her from moving from the Philippines to the United States.

Interviewing my grandparents about life

Today, I am asking my Lolo Lester and Mama Dee about their lives growing up in the Philippines and moving to California.

Growing up: interview of my mom

My mother tells me, from her perspective, her experience growing up. From life in the Philippines to a full-time mother in the U.S

Dad’s childhood in the Philippines

Angela Napili interviewed her dad Manuel Napili, 83, about his childhood memories of the Philippines. At 3:00 he described what it was like to grow up near an active volcano. Starting at 17:30 and at 20:17 he discussed his memories...

Collin Maurice and Vicki Maurice
December 8, 2022 App Interview

: 2022-12-08 00:44:22 Collin Maurice (21) interviews his Aunt, Vicki Maurice (~60) about her life growing up in the Philippines and how it was different from her adult life in America.

Interview Tito Roger

Neil Zaragoza (17M) Interviews neighbor (~70M) about life and relationships.

David Tilson

David Tilson, a 92-year old World War 2 veteran, reminisces about his 43 months of service in England, and in the Philippines on a tugboat four days before the first atomic blast.